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Sound the alarms Detroit Pistons fans, Kemba Walker is available

20 Janvier 2018

However, the Hornets are just 18-25 and remain a financial mess.

With the recent news of Charlotte considering attaching Kemba Walker onto a trade to unload some of their bad contracts, could this be an opportunity for the Heat to step in and add an All-Star-caliber asset?

With less than three weeks to go to the NBA's February 8 trade deadline, the first potential big name is now on the market.

Kemba Walker is second on the Hornets all-time scoring list, he leads this years team in points, minutes and assists per game, and there's a chance that the Hornets could be looking to trade him. The only way to possibly get those contracts off the books is package said player with Kemba.

Why it makes sense: The Knicks fan base - or front office - isn't exactly the most patient around, so it's hard to see them waiting the three or four seasons it could take for Ntilikina, the eighth-overall pick of the 2017 draft, to develop into a bona fide starter. I don't think so RIGHT NOW.

Walker's current contract has him making $12 million a year, which is actually a steal considering the amount of production he brings to the team on a consistent basis.

The Hornets now are on the outside looking in the Eastern Conference standings, four games behind the Sixers for the eighth playoff spot, and their roster is filled with aging players on bloated contracts. The news signals a bitter reality for the Hornets, one they finally decided they couldn't ignore: they stink.

The Hornets will come into Saturday with two days off from games. But he is the team's leading scorer (21.7 per game) and the player who shapes the team's culture more than any other.

However, not long after that, Basketball Insiders' Steve Kyler stated that it was unlikely that Kemba would be moved and Walker himself also made his dedication to Charlotte and hopes for staying with the team quite clear. Even though he's not having the best season shooting-wise, there's definitely a role for Walker on any team that is in need of a lead guard, or simply a guard that can get a bucket when needed. The 2nd leading scorer all time in Hornets history and is very close to becoming #1 in points.

Sound the alarms Detroit Pistons fans, Kemba Walker is available