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Why this is the "Trump shutdown"

21 Janvier 2018

"This is the One Year Anniversary of my Presidency and the Democrats wanted to give me a nice present", Trump lamented.

"President Trump and the Republican Congressional leadership are orchestrating this shutdown to avoid dealing with issues that are critical to our country, including funding healthcare for more than 9 million children and protecting Dreamers", Rep. Bill Keating said in a statement.

He said he wanted to include any deal for Dreamers in a bigger legislative package that also boosted funding for a wall and tighter security measures along the US border with Mexico.

"It is kind of hard to understand". The White House, however, rejected that agreement on the basis it didn't provide enough funding for border security.

Republicans made clear - there is no deadline on DACA until March - as they said those negotiations should simply continue while the government is funded and operating. Republicans, who are usually the last to rally for subsidized health care, added the 6-year CHIP extension to their bill to attract Democrat votes - and to say the Dems are voting against poor kids.

The source close to the White House told CNN that the White House believes Schumer will press for some concessions for "a few days if that long" as they work to strike a budget deal. It found that, while the public largely supports protections for "dreamers", more than half of Americans said it was more important to keep the government open.

At 12:01 a.m. on Saturday the federal government shut down after the Senate blocked a short-term spending bill. "That's just unacceptable to the conference and it should be unacceptable to the American people".

In 2013, then-President Barack Obama ordered that the shutdown should be complete and include popular services like the National Part program so that Republicans would bear the brunt of their decision to shut down the government. But Democrats want this programme extended permanently.

But Schumer said on the floor that Trump earlier Friday had walked away from a bipartisan deal in which Democrats even put the border wall on the table, and called the shutdown the "Trump shutdown".

Democrats held a significant number of the cards in the shutdown fight since the House-passed funding legislation - known as a continuing resolution (CR) - needed 60 votes in the Senate to avoid a filibuster.

Democrats are insisting on a deal to protect immigrants brought to the USA illegally as children, known as "Dreamers", in order to back a spending bill.

"You can't reach an agreement and snap your fingers and everything falls into place and you're ready to go", McConnell said.

Five conservative state Democrats voted for the spending measure. Unfortunately, Trump tends to agree most with whoever he last spoke to, and in the White House he's surrounded by his extremist anti-immigrant advisors, like Stephen Miller and John Kelly.

Both sides of the political spectrum have tried to blame the other for the shutdown.

By Saturday, the sides were only further entrenched.

One idea floated by Republicans was to renew government funding through Feb 8 to end the shutdown, while working to resolve other issues, including immigration, military and non-military spending, disaster relief and some healthcare matters. "I actually think the president would be blamed", he told NBC News.

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