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Android 8.1 will now display the speed of public Wi-Fi networks

23 Janvier 2018

An Android 8.1 device can search for an open WiFi network and informs you of the speed estimate or speed label.

This new feature will give the users a closer look at which Wi-Fi network is faster and it's on them to connect to a Wi-Fi network of their choice.

Android Oreo owners can now see WiFi network speeds before they connect.

Slow (under 1Mbps): If you can use Wi-Fi calling, you can make phone calls and send texts. Google Support explains the the "OK" network works well for reading web-pages, using social media and streaming music. The Fast and Very Fast network speeds are mostly ideal, with the two allowing you to even stream normal and high-quality videos.

The same so far would have been based on a trial-and-error process with current Android versions where you would have to try out another network if the current one proves to be too slow.

In December previous year, Google Groups community manager Orrin wrote in the official Google Pixel forum page what features to expect with 8.1 Oreo.

According to sources, this new feature of speed ratings will start showing you the network speed from next week with the above listed ranges. Also, if a network wants to opt out of publicly sharing their speed they can do that. Once your device gets Android 8.1 to begin with, anyway.

As expected, the Android 8.1 Oreo update will bring with it a host of bug fixes and a noticeable step up on performance of the mobile operating system.

"Fast" will let users stream most videos. Plus, you can only find that out after you've connected to the access point.

In the Network Rating Provider section, just select the none option to disable this feature.

While Android Oreo launched last summer, it's now on available on a limited number of smartphones.

Android 8.1 will now display the speed of public Wi-Fi networks