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Thousands flood Baltimore for women's march

23 Janvier 2018


"I feel differently about it this year", Ann Dee Allen, a healthcare communications specialist from Wauwatosa in Wisconsin, told the New York Times.

Woodard urged everyone to register and vote, saying, "the 2018 midterms start now". And you know what that means: Women's March signs. And the other real message is there is no one issue. Take a listen to Cecile Richards.

"Your truth is never more important than now", she asserted.

FADEL: I have. I have.

The idea was first sparked by a Hawaii retiree named Teresa Shook, who took to Facebook just hours after Trump's election.

"We had a huge rally, which was awesome", march spokeswoman Martha Shaughnessy, 38, of San Francisco, said. And they're anxious about this president, they say, as a president that they see is somebody who's anti-immigrant, anti-women, in their view, and anti a lot of disenfranchised. They said they for sure wanted to come out again and - essentially to say, no, we do not support what's happening right now with the Trump administration.

FADEL: And Brianna (ph) brought a few of those friends that have never voted to this rally today. The Women's March is an incredibly inspirational event for a lot of people.

When asked whether she is going to run for office, she said she's not against the idea.

They hope Saturday's rally and march will energize people to take action. And they said, yes, of course they are welcome, but they are welcome really on a progressive platform. Women of color and transgender supporters voiced their concern over heightened police presence and reports that attendees would be subjected to random police searches. And a lot of folks that I've talked to today came out a year ago.

And I'm seeing lots of marchers starting to gather and lots of those pink hats that we saw previous year - those pussyhats. She now is interested in working for others who are running for office. "We want to uplift that local work on a national scale on Jan 21", Bland added.

"I see how wonderful the diversity of this community has been to help me succeed in my life and have upward mobility", says Kanishka Karunaratne with the Asian Pacific Democratic Club.

The giant outpouring illustrated the depth of resistance to the Republican billionaire president, whose hardline policies have impacted the rights of women, immigrants and minorities. University of Nevada-Las Vegas police estimated attendance at around 8,000, reported.

Thousands flood Baltimore for women's march