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Emerging market YouTube app extends to 115 more countries

03 Février 2018

However, YouTube's new news funding notices go beyond RT, and respond to the growing attention publicly and state-funded news from all across the world is getting on its platform, which in itself is a kind of response to the economics of online publishing.

Youtube TV is now available on Apple TV devices. So, how is it any different from its Go iteration?

YouTube Go app also allows people to preview videos before downloading or watching them, and also select how many MBs they use on videos. Google has since launched the app in 14 more countries, including Indonesia, Thailand and Nigeria, but today's expansion takes it to most developing markets across the globe.

Share videos offline: You can share videos with your friends even while you are offline. Ultimately, this cuts the consumption of any more cellular data.

YouTube Go is part of the suite of apps, which is designed for use on low-end devices with limited memory and storage.

Not included in the rollout are locations with serviceable connections, which include the US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, and England. Reportedly, there are now no plans to extend Go in such countries with established internet connections.

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To install YouTube TV, go to the App Store app on your Apple TV and search for the app.

YouTube TV is now available on tvOS devices, Google announced shortly after making the app available on certain Roku streaming devices. Users will able to stream TV from their iPhone and now, Apple TV.

Unlike traditional YouTube channels, which serve up pre-recorded content, YouTube TV streams live TV to compatible devices. Hulu's service with the addition of Live TV costs $39.99 a month. About 38.9 million people in the USA are estimated to use a Roku device once a month, compared with 36.9 million people using Google Chromecast, 35.8 million people using Amazon Fire TV and 21.3 million using Apple TV.

Emerging market YouTube app extends to 115 more countries