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Kelly: Democratic Memo Is 'A Lot Less Clean,' 'Lengthier' Than Nunes'

07 Février 2018

Devin Nunes is an America hero only to Donald Trump.

Later, in a speech in OH extolling his tax cut legislation, Trump called Democrats "un-American" and "treasonous" for not applauding his State of the Union speech last week.

House Republicans and Democrats spent Tuesday arguing about the contents of their dueling memos as they awaited Mr. Trump's review.

Biden is also commenting on Trump's suggestion that Democrats who didn't clap during his State of the Union speech were "un-American" and maybe even treasonous.

"I don't trust Schiff, he's a proven liar and a leaker", Watters said of the Burbank-area congressman.

But Biden says it's Trump who is "a joke".

Finally, any issues with the surveillance of Page have nothing to do with matters that Mueller is now thought to be investigating. Democrats on the House intelligence panel responded with their own classified document, which they claim rebuts some of the assertions in the GOP memo.

"We certainly support full transparency", White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in January. So it will undergo a legal and national security review.

Republican leaders and members of the House Intelligence Committee are saying the issue is squarely in the hands of Trump and the Justice Department about whether the Democratic memo should be released over any national security concerns.

Democrats say the GOP memo contradicts its own premise that the Russian Federation investigation began with Page and the dossier. The memo says former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe told the committee last December that no warrant would have been sought from the court without information from the Steele dossier. "I think it's very possible his staff worked with the White House".

The GOP-produced memo released last week contends that when the FBI asked a secret court for a warrant to do surveillance on a former associate in then-candidate Donald Trump's campaign, the bureau relied too heavily on a dossier compiled by an ex-British spy whose opposition research was funded by Democrats. He has said he is focused on the State Department under President Barack Obama and its role in the early stages of the Russian Federation investigation, but he offered few additional details.

The committee voted Monday to release the memo, which pushes back against a GOP document the committee cleared for release last week.

A White House official said on Monday that it was prepared to review the memo.

But there is nothing in the law that allows the government to suppress the release of a document simply because it has "material omissions of fact". This is one reason Democrats on the committee say the memo is wrong and would be discredited if the entire FISA application for Page were declassified.

"They set this up for that argument", said Rep. Chris Stewart, a Utah Republican who sits on the House Intelligence Committee.

Democratic Sen. Cory Booker said this week that the release of this memo was "tantamount to treasonous". What it really demonstrated is that Trump is in mortal fear of the investigation and willing to throw anyone under the bus (except maybe his family) while destroying the reputations of the FBI, DOJ and the entire intelligence community to save his own backside.

Bannon's lawyer has been negotiating with the committee and the White House about the interview's terms.

On Friday night a White House spokesman told CNN that "there are no conversations and no considerations about firing Rod Rosenstein".

Now virtually all of this went down before Robert Mueller was named special counsel.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., wrote a letter to Trump on Sunday telling the president that if he does not release the Democrats' memo, it "will confirm the American people's worst fears that the release of Chairman Nunes' memo was only meant to undermine Special Counsel Bob Mueller's investigation". The surveillance court was told that Steele could have political motivations, according to USA officials familiar with the matter.

Kelly: Democratic Memo Is 'A Lot Less Clean,' 'Lengthier' Than Nunes'