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Trump staff say president is 'absolutely not' seeking John Kelly's removal

12 Février 2018

Porter, a key White House aide, left the administration on Wednesday after two ex-wives accused him of physical abuse.

Former White House secretary Rob Porter resigned when his two ex-wives came forward and accused him of abuse.

The two former staffers resigned from their posts within two days of each other last week, both denying accusations of systematic domestic abuse from former spouses.

The loudest among those calls is Rep. Sean Maloney, who held the same position as Porter under former President Bill Clinton.

The day prior to his Friday night meltdown, Cortes also attacked The Nation's Joan Walsh and told her she is "not fit to shine John Kelly's shoes" after she criticized the chief of staff for twice defending Porter. No action was taken to remove him from the staff, and instead, Kelly and others oversaw an elevation in Porter's standing.

The White House is standing by Chief of Staff John Kelly as questions persist about his handling of the Rob Porter domestic abuse allegations and amid talk that the retired general might soon be out the door.

Sorensen has denied the allegations and says he was actually the victim of violence during their marriage.

Chief of Staff John Kelly has offered to step down amid the scandals. "I believe I saw one of his ex-wives saying that as well, that she thinks he is brilliant and he probably does a great job professionally, and that is also who we saw". "Some are true and some are false. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?", he wrote on Saturday.

Short acknowledged Sunday that the Porter matter exposed "some lack of communication" within the White House, but he said the well-regarded aide was "out" shortly after officials became aware of the extent of the abuse allegations.

"Hope is absolutely fantastic", Trump said in a statement to The New York Times released through a spokesperson Friday.

Willoughby said that society as a whole doesnt' recognize the reality of abuse and that denying it was easier than accepting the devastation that is the truth.

'People's lives are being destroyed and shattered by a mere allegation. But Short did not respond to directly to the question of whether Trump believes Porter is innocent. The allegations, first reported by the Daily Mail, included a photo of Porter's first wife with a black eye that she said her ex-husband had given her. His two ex-wives gave their accounts of abuse to the Federal Bureau of Investigation during a routine background check, which meant that by 2017, Trump administration officials - including Kelly - had known "Porter was facing troubles in obtaining his security clearance and that his ex-wives claimed he had abused them", CNN previously reported.

'We certainly wish him well. Reuters has not independently confirmed the allegations against Porter, or against Trump.

Stephanopoulos wondered why Trump's sympathies immediately go to a man accused of sexual abuse or harassment.

Trump staff say president is 'absolutely not' seeking John Kelly's removal