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Deaths in Tennessee due to Flu

16 Février 2018

The Centers for Disease Control reports this year, there have been 63 pediatric deaths linked to the flu nation-wide.

"Unfortunately, because of the surveillance data we know that the most commonly circulating strain of "B" is the one that was in the children's vaccine and not the adult vaccine", Walters said.

But it is working well in kids. This is because baby boomers were not previously exposed to the H3N2 strain as children, it is an irregular strain of flu, and as a whole, baby boomers don't get vaccinated as frequently as other demographics.

This "indicates that vaccination provided some protection, in contrast to recently reported, nonsignificant interim estimates of 17 per cent from Canada and 10 per cent from Australia", said the report.

"We do continue to recommend getting the vaccine even this late in the season", Schuchat said.

All these calculations were based on 4,562 children and adults who contracted an "acute respiratory illness" that was bad enough to send them to a doctor between November 2, 2017, and February 3, 2018. As such, scientists are not always successful in anticipating which strain will dominate the season. The best thing to do is to take precautions, like washing hands, getting vaccinated, and checking up on friends and family who are at risk.

Now, vaccine efficacy is not easy to predict; after all, vaccines are created to protect against one strain of a particular virus. "The flu vaccine is only about 25% effective against that particular strain so we are going to see more and more serious complications like death and we are seeing that".

The season may continue for several more weeks, she added.

Minnesota health officials said they could not disclose details about any of the 4 pediatrics deaths that have occurred in the state.

"The vaccine is not protecting well against H3N2".

(If you got Pneumovax first, wait a year and get Prevnar.) If you didn't get it when you turned 65, ask your doctor whether you can get the shot now; there's no upper age limit for receiving either vaccine.

"We do have some pharmacies in the area that will tell us that they are out this week of Tamiflu", said Pittsburgh pediatrician Dr. Patrick Tate.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health will also offer free flu immunizations at all county health departments, according to the press release.

Additionally, the overall hospitalization rate has increased, and an additional 10 pediatric deaths.

Deaths in Tennessee due to Flu