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Trump says armed teachers should get bonuses

23 Février 2018

Because these people are cowards.

Under questioning by students, parents and teachers, Rubio also said tighter gun laws alone will not prevent future shootings, while he does support a minimum age for buying rifles and a ban on the bump stocks that can allow some weapons to shoot more bullets more quickly.

"The truth is, laws succeed only when people obey them", he said.

Numerous comments are from gun owners angry over any attempt to regulate the accessory, which they view as a slippery slope toward outlawing guns all together.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, left, speaks with Commissioner Pam Stewart of the Florida Department of Education before a meeting between President Donald Trump and state and local officials to discuss school safety, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Feb. 22, 2018.

During the "listening session" a couple of hours later, Trump said he wants "my schools protected just like I want my banks protected".

The White House says attendees at a session Thursday include Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, both Republicans. All proposals to arm teachers are met with similar derision by liberals who warn of the dangers of "militarizing" schools.

"What I said was to look at the possibility of giving 'concealed guns to gun adept teachers with military or special training experience - only the best", Trump said in a Twitter message. "Am I supposed to strap (a gun) to my leg or put it in my desk?"

Some criminologists have questioned that reasoning, pointing out that some people who plan to commit mass shootings are prepared to die in the process.

During a meeting on school safety, Trump reportedly suggested "a little bit of a bonus" for teachers and officials who "understand weaponry" and carry guns in schools. The students and their parents appealed to him to press for stricter gun controls. I want to know that if they get in there, they are not going to be long, because it is going to take ten minutes for the police to get there.

In January 2016, Trump said at a campaign rally in Vermont that he wants to eliminate gun-free zones at schools.

"You should be anxious and you should be frightened" about the potential of another Democratic takeover of the House, Senate and White House", he said.

"Am I supposed to have a kevlar vest?" she said. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer noted that the president had supported gun measures in the past and dropped them.

Since the shooting in Parkland, a vocal group of student survivors have been putting pressure on their state and national governments, promising that they will advocate for gun control reforms so that their school will be the last school shooting in America. I don't like it. The youngest of Trump's five children, 11-year-old Barron, attends a private school in Potomac, Maryland. He also appeared open to other proposals to "harden" schools, such as fortifying walls and limiting entry points. I want to see our politicians be able to stand up to gun manufacturers and the NRA and say, 'We need less guns, not more guns.' The idea that we are going to ask teachers who are already tasked with preparing our next generation for high tech jobs, preparing our students to deal with emotional trauma...

The president also shifted blame from guns to violent movies and video games. Trump said he wasn't concerned, though, about that.

In the wake of last week's school shooting, some victims and gun rights activists have called for a ban on semiautomatic rifles, such as the AR-15, which was used in the Florida shooting.

"They're ready to do things". They are good people.

"(He's) pushing for action on things. the NRA opposes", Schumer wrote. "That's like, 'Here I am, take me.' We have to get smart on gun-free zones", the president said. "The whole idea from some of our opponents that armed security makes us less safe is completely ridiculous", he told a conference of conservatives in Washington. He said the real test for Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress is "not words and sympathy, but action". Trump then clarified his comment and said he "was obviously talking about additional guards or employees".

Trump says armed teachers should get bonuses