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Why Joss Whedon Just Dropped Out of Directing 'Batgirl'

23 Février 2018

Apparently, the issue is also compounded by the fact that Whedon has spent the a year ago unable to come up with a decent idea for the "Batgirl" movie. Morano also just directed the Sundance drama I Think We're Alone Now starring Elle Fanning, who might be right for Batgirl, depending on the character's age in the movie.

There's no word yet on how many, if any, of the women being suggested for the role are actually interested in taking it, but we can dream.

A few also recommended A Wrinkle in Time director Ava DuVernay to take over directorial duties for the project. Whedon was originally brought into the DC fold when Zack Snyder departed from Justice League during the final stages of production and oversaw reshoots on the film.

While Whedon's departure may indeed have simply been the result of writer's block, the news also doesn't come as much of a surprise, and there were nearly certainly other factors involved.

THR is reporting that embattled director Joss Whedon is leaving the DC Entertainment/Warner project Batgirl. It's anyone's guess. My bet is that if this year's Aquaman doesn't work out, it will be the end of the DC's cinematic universe initiative and they'll move exclusively to just making standalone films instead.

As reported exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, Joss Whedon is exiting the project of Batgirl.

In the midst of the #MeToo Movement, perhaps a female filmmaker would be the best bet, but The Neon Demon's Nicolas Winding Refn did offer to helm Batgirl back in 2016.

Joss Whedon has walked away from the Batgirl movie over at Warner Bros.

Another thing that might have affected the project was when Whedon was accused of hypocrisy.

With Marvel's female-lead Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson premiering in 2019, DC has to act fast if the studio wants to remain the leader in the world of women superheroes.

Meanwhile, sources said Whedon tried to figure out how to do Batgirl, but eventually failed in doing so. Who would be a great choice to direct the Batgirl film?

Why Joss Whedon Just Dropped Out of Directing 'Batgirl'