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YouTube Removes School Shooting Conspiracy Video From Trending Section

23 Février 2018

The conspiracy theory has been widely shared on social media and implies the students who have been most visible are actors, paid for some unknown group to appear in the media and push a gun control agenda.

Trump Jr. also liked another tweet by True Pandit, a Philadelphia-based conservative news organization that made fun of Hogg, calling him "the kid who has been running his mouth about how President Donald Trump and the GOP are teaming to help murder high school kids by upholding the Second Amendment".

Hogg, who's rallied for tougher gun laws in the aftermath of the February 14 shooting, rejected the "disturbing" claims in an interview with CNN on Wednesday.

"I'm not an actor in any sense, shape, way, or form". I am the son of a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, and that is true.

The video, a rip of a local Los Angeles CBS segment, showed an interview from a year ago with David Hogg, a student at the Florida high school where a gunman killed 17 people last week.

Meanwhile, the Broward County schools superintendent has confirmed that Hogg and the other students who have been vocal in the wake of the shooting are students at Douglas.

"I don't care if you're a Democrat or Republican, we need to support people [politicians] who want to save lives", Hogg said.

They dealt in Hogg-related conspiracy theories. These allegations were quickly proven false as well, when a current Parkland student pointed out the Douglas School t-shirt from the so called "La School yearbook". "This is the way I have to grieve", González told The New York Times.

Donald Trump supporters have come under fire for attacking survivors of the Florida shooting.

But the caption claimed that David, 17, was not a student, but an "actor".

"I have to keep going", he said in a separate interview with CBS Los Angeles.

"I'm not acting on anybody's behalf", the 17-year-old added.

The video was removed by 12 p.m. ET Wednesday, hours after first appearing on YouTube's "Trending" page, a highly-trafficked, algorithmically-generated portal which lists popular videos on the site.

On Tuesday, Florida State Representative Shawn Harrison said on Twitter that he had fired one of his aides for sending an email to a reporter claiming that Hogg and another student were "actors that travel to various crisis (sic) when they happen".

The only description on the video was "DAVID HOGG THE ACTOR..." "But it's part of American democracy", Hogg said in a phone interview with the Post. The survivor ultimately proclaims that "we have a right to live just as we have a right to bear arms".

YouTube Removes School Shooting Conspiracy Video From Trending Section