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What to know about Women's Day

09 Mars 2018

"I drew strength [for my characters] from women from my own life in Zimbabwe", she said.

Above is only a small sample of the contributions that Bermudian women have made, and in celebration of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, Bernews will be featuring a special series highlighting some of the many exceptional Bermudian women throughout the month of March.

As a young woman, it has been so incredibly powerful and inspirational to see numerous women I look up to fighting for their rights.

Like other businesses, Ramseyer said they have challenges too. As its popularity grew and grew, the United Nations began celebrating International Women's Day in 1975, which was also the International Women's Year.

An online search of "Eleanore Francis" as a possible baby name for her first daughter was what started Holt's self-professed obsession with the rocket girls. The IRC also has a Violence Prevention and Response program, which offers women and girls safe spaces exclusive to them where they can receive support services, engage with other women and learn about their rights. Who are the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood?

How are you celebrating the ladies in your life today? I've had multiple experiences of harassment and sexual assault and I don't speak about them very often. She noted advocacy was necessary until all the barriers which denied women equal opportunity and mobility in the workplace and the labour market were eliminated.

"We are four times more likely to tell a young girl to be careful then we are to tell a young boy".

In January, she confessed that she felt driven to keep talking about her experience, despite how hard it was.

"I think it's maybe been more developed over the years, the whole nurturing relationship aspect because we're women and ultimately because we're mothers", Ramseyer said. "It's unbelievable how consistent engagement and creating spaces on their (the girls) terms with what they feel comfortable with can do for them".

Such inequality, he says, has bad consequences in women's lives, and has impacted his views about women in society and the Church.

One home brand that is promoting women's empowerment is West Elm, which has partnered with "wear-what-you-care-about" clothes and accessories brand Prinkshop to sell "Innovator" totes in its stores and online. Early this year, we promoted Ms. Tinuade Awe to Executive Director, Regulations, and consequently she is the number two person at the Exchange.

"Understand that we will not leave, that we will not shut up, we want to see us represent 50/50", said the Oscar-winning actor. Together there were 61 women who ensured the flight with 204 customers departed on time.

What to know about Women's Day