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LeBron James says he's playing at an 'all-time high'

10 Mars 2018

There have been whispers, mostly on social media, about whether LeBron James would consider the Spurs because of the mutual respect between James and Popovich, now the coach of the US men's national basketball team.

As far as measuring sticks go, this three game stint that included two matchups with the defending Eastern Conference champs was a good one for the young Nuggets.

2012-13: Miami, 1st - NBA Finals (win against Spurs) 2013-14: Miami, 2nd - NBA Finals (loss to Spurs) 2014-15: Cleveland, 2nd - NBA Finals (lost to Warriors) 2015-16: Cleveland, 1st - NBA Finals (win against Warriors) 2016-17: Cleveland, 2nd - NBA Finals (lost to Warriors) 2017-18: Cleveland, ?

It's impossible to say with any certainty what LeBron is going to do this summer because LeBron himself does not know right now. When asked about his apparent list, James denied it and said that his goal is to get his team ready for the rest of the season. But James isn't taking the bait.

Denver averages 24.7 assists per game, which ranks fourth in the National Basketball Association.

Closing time just brings the best out in him.

To a certain extent, it worked. Could the #LABron recruitment play a role?

James said in his on-court interview after the game that his play is at an "all-time high". "We're gonna reunite again and do some better things, alright?"

"I'm here now and here to build something in the future", James told reporters in early January.

LeBron James loses control of the ball under pressure from Detroit Pistons’ Reggie Bullock
LeBron James loses control of the ball under pressure from Detroit Pistons’ Reggie Bullock

The 14-time All-Star is now in his second year of a three-year, £72m ($100m) contract with the Cavs. JR Smith started the period with a 3-pointer off one of five James assists.

James, who combined with Nance to score Cleveland's first 20 points, poured in 31 points in total as the Cavs improved to 37-26.

However, they do have a team that Cleveland may meet, even in the first round, that could steal a couple over the course of a seven-game series.

The idea of James playing here, though, is an easy one to visualize.

James is now in his second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James led the way, but it was Nance who helped negate Detroit's size advantage and made several big plays. Maybe you can trace that whole timeline straight through from January 2015 to June 2016.

Lastly, the 76ers should be able to clear out just enough cap space for just under a full max contract should they decline options and renounce free agents. Whatever James chooses to do will be a decision he makes at that time. Yet time proved that the trades yielded not-so-spectacular results for the team, after all.

The Cavs star, out of Akron, Ohio, is also part of a sports-marketing company called LRMR Management. The rumored teams do not offer the public view of toxicity, something that's nearly unbelievable to even think because of the Spurs' perception of harmony and stability for the past 20 years. When asked about the Cavs' moves at this February's trade deadline, Griffin focused in on James' motivations. I nodded, but I didn't hear much of what he said. "So I'm not saying everyone should share all their deepest secrets - not everything should be public and it's every person's choice".

LeBron James says he's playing at an 'all-time high'