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Florida governor signs 'school safety' bill that could arm teachers

11 Mars 2018

But many frustrated Democrats also rejected the proposal because it failed to include a ban on assault-style weapons, such as the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle Cruz used to mow down students and teachers at the school he once attended. "There's shots at Stoneman Douglas", he whispered to operators.

Currently, the US Senate has no gun control bill scheduled for debate, and the only measure moving in the House of Representatives is a bill seeking for more training for students and teachers to address the school shooting. He quickly followed up to say he got another call from someone advising that "someone was shot in the 1200 Building".

Flanked by the parents of Broward County teenagers slain in the nation's second-worst school shooting, Gov. Rick Scott on Friday signed into law a sweeping package addressing mental health, school safety and guns.

"The first is to honor those who lost their lives in Florida recently".

Audio and video released by the Broward County Sheriff's office reveals that the school resource officer on Majory Stoneman Douglas' campus did in fact hear gunshots inside the school, yet told officers not to enter the building.

The PHS administration was aware of the walkout before it occurred.

"We strive to cultivate a culture of caring", wrote Reid.

Alumni from the school have gathered on social media, talking about raising money for the school and submitting petitions to Congress to call for gun legislation reform. You made a difference. "I hope this turns out to be not as bad". The deputy in question later resigned after Israel said he should have gone into the building. "It's nowhere near the long-term solution", said Chris Grady, a senior at Stoneman Douglas High.

"You have to think about the community". These parents should be grieving, not lobbying for us to do the right things. "The fact that this has been going on for so long, it really shows that something needs to be done". Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell wore shoes with "End Gun Violence" written in black on the side during a game against the Phoenix Suns. People are passionate in their beliefs and they should be. High school students will protest in the fieldhouse, while middle school students will head to their cafeterias.

Only one of the released calls has been identified as coming from within the building, that of someone whispering someone was shooting in the school. Another wounded by an entrance, another in the parking lot.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #2: My fiancee's little sister just texted me and said there's someone in here shooting guns.

Dr. Goyette was engaged in discussion with students for almost the entirety of the 17-minute protest.

"You have a right to protest, absolutely", he said. Discussions ranged far and wide, but the word "legislation" was rarely heard. "Stay at least 500 feet away at this point".

Numerous students had come straight from class, not dressed for the below-freezing temperatures. When will people realize that this isn't a School Only Issue-that it's not about Protecting the Schools it's about Protecting Everyone.

She's on another line with her daughter who is in a classroom with just one other girl.

Goyette detailed the district's prevention techniques.

The union said teachers should not have to choose between confronting a gunman or getting their students to safety.

"To everyone that's watching out there, I wish I could tell you that I'm happy". "This is learning, this is!"

"I have also been in contact with other students in the country who are planning walkouts at their school and we have been sharing ideas".

The dispatch recordings do make repeated references to the football field, though in one case a person says that students are fleeing onto the field. She's friends with Reed and she affirmed her overall message.

Boldrick said she's taking the threats seriously but isn't letting them change her daily routine.

Wanamaker said the goal is to achieve better regulation of guns, and "not to take guns away from responsible gun owners".

"Most people were either angry that she was here or annoyed", Novell said. As of March 1, she said, 117 had RSVP'd.

By now, students are flooding out of the school.

Vintage High School is planning its own 17-minute observance on campus. But, we should not insult or disparage each other. 14 students and three teachers were killed in the shooting. "They feel very badly for everybody". "We're way proud of them".

Florida governor signs 'school safety' bill that could arm teachers