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Fortnite is Getting Cross-Platform Play, Epic Confirms

12 Mars 2018

Fortnite Battle Royale is a free action-shooter video game focused heavily on player-versus-player combat.

When you click on the signup button, you will be asked if you already play the game on another platform.

Microsoft are naturally into the idea of cross-platform play.

For now mobile version of the game will only be available on iOS 11, with plans to launch on Android some time in the future. So how does it work?

However, PC/Mac players can be joined by PS4 players.

Microsoft has previously expressed its desire to enable cross-play with PS4, which has been met with resistance from Sony. Intriguingly this doesn't include the Xbox One family of consoles.

PC/Mac players will never end up on a console or mobile server. These will take a while to unlock, so players have plenty to keep them busy for the coming weeks. Said beta is focused on iOS right now, but Epic promises Android is on the way.

Fortnite is available now.

Android users will still have to wait several months for the game to be released on their system, as no exact date has been confirmed by Epic Games.

What Time Does Fortnite Mobile Come Out? Ironically, it is Microsoft's Xbox One that has shown more openness toward the feature but was not included by Epic. The Storm Shield is essentially where players can build their own bases on different maps, so you can imagine the frustration of logging in only to find a ton of progress completely wiped. Depending on how the controls on mobile devices are, it may either be an advantage, disadvantage, or the similar. Both Rocket League and Minecraft have received cross-platform support, but not between Xbox One and PS4. The only rub is that the Xbox One crowd and PlayStation crowd won't be able to play/progress together.

The multi-platform is strictly voluntary.

It isn't as if Sony don't do cross-platform play either. Through the invites, Epic Games will let a limited number of players into the game.

Fortnite is Getting Cross-Platform Play, Epic Confirms