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OJ Simpson Gives 'Hypothetical' Account of Murders on 'Lost Confession'

12 Mars 2018

The two-hour interview had been under wraps for 12 years due to controversy before being repackaged and broadcast for the first time Sunday night on Fox. "I may have seen him around, but I really didn't recognize him".

Simpson speculated that he could have carried the knife used to murder the pair for self defence. "There was blood and stuff around".

It doesn't sound hypothetical at all here, and didn't to Regan at the time, either.

Reportedly lost for years, the interview was aired Sunday night on Fox.

The original prosecutors objected to the event too, and the objections were a little more substantial than Regan credits with Camerota.

Simpson was later convicted of multiple felonies, including kidnapping, burglary, and armed robbery after a 2007 incident in Las Vegas, and faced up to 33 years in prison.

Regan was due to publish Simpson's book If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer in 2007 but it was dropped along with the TV interview after outrage from the victim's families and Regan was sacked.

Under criticism at the time, Fox backed out of both the book and special, with Rupert Murdoch - the head of News Corp., which owns both the network and the publishing house - apologizing for the project.

O.J. Simpson pauses from describing the moments before his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were murdered.

Nicole Simpson's longtime friend Eve Shakti Chen along with a domestic violence expert and an Federal Bureau of Investigation profiler were part of Sunday's panel commenting on the 2006 interview.

The special was produced by Terence Wrong, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, and was hosted by Soledad O'Brien. He describes going to Nicole Brown Simpson's home with an accomplice, a so-called friend named Charlie, who brought along a knife.

'I don't think two people could have been murdered the way they were without everybody covered in blood, ' he went on. O.J. also chuckled about his attempts to "get some" from Nicole and said it was she who badgered him to get married after he repeatedly said he didn't want marriage or more kids.

"I remember thinking that whatever is going on over there has got to stop".

Many of the Twitterati are of the opinion that Simpson is guilty of the crimes.

According to Wrong, the confession tapes were originally shelved because the families were anxious Simpson would profit from it. He said he was stunned by the footage but felt that the original questioning of Simpson was too light and made a decision to balance his account with analysts. Former Los Angeles deputy district attorney Christopher Darden was the person to ask Simpson to try on the gloves and he has alleged that Simpson's late lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, tampered with the gloves prior to Simpson trying on the gloves in court. The answer is probably that he didn't have much to lose. When he confesses to getting "physical" with her on the nights when she called the police, for example, Simpson is quick to note that "she started it", prompting Darden and others to clarify just how violent and threatening he had been, according to the first responders. Having lost the civil case to the Goldmans, there wasn't any financial incentive to stay quiet either.

OJ Simpson Gives 'Hypothetical' Account of Murders on 'Lost Confession'