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American Idol tries for second act on new network

13 Mars 2018

It's too early to say that the American Idol reboot is in trouble, but it's already clear that the show will have to make some adjustments if it comes back for another season.

Each word carried a sentence of a year, it seems, as Idol is baaaaaack. His audition was touching and his story was inspiring, but his music style was basically an imitation.

More than 12 hours after arriving at auditions, she met Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan face to face. Sent packing by the judges, Koby complains bitterly to the camera that "Katy was jealous" of her. The "Swish Swish" singer was quick to show off a weird talent, and we can't stop watching.

Katy Perry has become a superstar, delivering a continuous stream of hit records, enormous tours such as the one bringing her to Hong Kong this month and even performing at half-time of the Super Bowl.

"I can look like a frog".

"Her musicianship is outstanding", Nordin said. "Nobody's gonna want to make out with me".

Maddie Poppe, 19, Clarksville, Iowa sings with "The Rainbow Connection", and she has a great voice.

The judges also may help the contestants set new goals, Perry said.

Meeting Richie, Bryan and Perry was "incredible", Grace said. "They all looked like lovely models standing right in front of me".

"Then put it on us again", Richie said.

The last time American Idol rolled from one American city to the next in search of the next AI victor, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr. were sitting behind the judges' table. And actually, I think he also has the persona of a star, but he is lacking the voice a bit. She's not mean, but she does tell it like it is.

Few people get to see her commitment to voice work because it's all done in a recording studio, but Perry says that, when given the chance to be a cartoon character, she throws everything she has into the work. "You know how to imitate, but you haven't found your thing yet".

One pointed out that they are "soft" compared to veteran judges Cowell, Jackson, and Adbul.

In a freaky move, Richie made a decision to bring Bultongez back. First was 18-year-old Catie Turner from Langhorne. Pa.

Layla Spring kept the country auditions going, bringing her younger sister in to her audition. He gets an A+ from me and a golden ticket from the judges. She gets through to Hollywood. There have been questions about whether the public is truly craving yet another singing competition (with "The Voice", "The Four", etc.), and in the opening moments of Sunday night's premiere, the show appeared to address it. You guys deserve it!Thank you to everyone who followed me and my journey. "We're not really sure where you fit in the mainstream.' And, I guess my response to that is, I really never have fit in the mainstream, it's really not where I plan to go with my music".

The head-scratching moments didn't stop there.

Sardor Milano, a supermarket employee, is 26 years old from Orlando. Was there collusion? It was like a cat, falling from the top of the Empire State Building (whoops, wrong judge and Idol season).

"The life of a musician has its ups and downs, it's adventurous". She performed "Rainbow Connection" and impressed the judges. In addition to the aforementioned "wig" discussion (one that continues after the contestant auditions), the episode finds Perry slow-dancing with one contestant, while giving another his first kiss.

American Idol tries for second act on new network