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Passover celebrates past and future

30 Mars 2018

For the service, guests were given Seder plates set with a number of traditional foods, each symbolizing a special aspect of Passover. Passover commemorates the Jewish people's freedom from enslavement by the Egyptian pharaohs. Importantly, these Haggadot are sometimes directed at interfaith families, but many more are simply written by and for liberal and potentially secular Jews, and are comfortable for interfaith family seder tables.

Passover is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the Israelites' escape from slavery as recounted in the book of Exodus. In fact, Jews are called upon to invite those who might not have a family to celebrate the seder with them as well as those who can not afford to have a proper meal, Caplan said.

The festival is celebrated in early spring, during the Hebrew month of Nissan. Either seven or eight days, depending on the particular type of Judaism that is practiced, Caplan said. For instance, the modern Seder also includes the teachings and observances of medieval European Rabbis.

COEUR dALENE — For thousands of years, the Biblical story of the Passover and Israels exodus from Egypt has been recalled at this time of year. On the other, as free people, it is up to us to relate this ancient story to our time and figure out the lessons we take with us on our quest to fix the world.

Although each Passover we celebrate our liberation, we are also taught that our joy is diminished by the suffering of others.

God spared the Israelites from the plagues and "passed over" their home, which gave the name to the holiday.

Just as Jews recall their ancestors' slavery and oppression in the time of Moses during this eight-day holiday, so too should they remember those who are now oppressed, Stein said.

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Staff at the Jewish Discovery Center in Waverly Twp. prepared and sold about 2,000 portions of food over the past week for Passover, which begins this evening.

What is a Seder feast?

First, I got married, and instead of spending the whole of Passover with my family, my wife and I split the holiday up, spending part of it with my parents and part with hers.

The annual weeklong affair goes from sundown Friday to April 7, and the local Jewish community is getting in on the festivities.

There are 15 steps to the Seder, which include celebratory toasts and readings.

Rabbi Paul Caplan, of Temple Anshe Sholom in Olympia Fields, recently explain customs associated with the religious holiday to those unfamiliar with its traditions. She had a red cardboard Passover box which contained menus, shopping lists and other preparation documents which she referred to and updated annually.

During the meal, presiders read the Haggadah, a Jewish text that is recited each Passover Seder.

In Hebrew adjectives come after the noun with "Pesach" translating as "Passover" and "Sameach" meaning "Happy".

Passover celebrates past and future