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World Autism Awareness Day, to encourage acceptance and removing any stigma

02 Avril 2018

Since complete treatment of autism is not possible, parents face many difficulties in handling children suffering from the disease. He studied Aerospace Engineering and worked for five years at Boeing in Port Melbourne undertaking design work for the 787 Dreamliner, before feeling called to leave engineering behind and pursue a more empathic career, which made use of his natural talent for communication and emotional intelligence. On the other hand, educator at Intact Special School, Pauline Sofia Rani, said that those with autism should be trained for employability based on what they kept doing repeatedly. T-shirts and autism gear will be available at the Focus Ability office.

While it can be hard to focus, it doesn't stop Jacob.

The event will be held at the attractive Westin Lombard Yorktown Center from May 23-27, 2018.

"I have a lot of cool friends. We teach children on special skills, at some point we also teach them on how to go the toilet, etc, because after a specific age there won't be anyone to accompany them for that", said V R Sathyavannan, principal, Aathichudy special school, Adyar.

Help raise funds for research and supports for families, while getting exercise outdoors.

"Neurodiversity is not a bad thing".

While there is a certain amount of stigma associated with the condition, girls and women who are differently abled are, more often not, subjected more discrimination than their male counterparts.

"We aim to create long-term intervention strategies in a child's life from the early years into adulthood so as to understand the strengths and capabilities of each child".

Today, Katie Fleetwood and Lauren Albro from Autism Speaks joined us on WTTA Great 38 to chat about how folks in the Tampa Bay community are helping spread autism awareness.

Managing Director of Bangladesh Therapy and Rehabilitation Foundation Fida Al Shams said they are acutely underfunded.

Did you know one out of every 68 people is diagnosed with autism?

"And you're not alone", Wale added.

Given the differences in communication, social interaction, imagination, many people in the spectrum may have very uncommon activities and atypical ways of relating to people, objects and events in the environment.

President M Abdul Hamid and prime minister Sheikh Hasina gave separate messages on the eve of the day where they urged all, including the local and foreign organizations, to come forward along with the government for the welfare of the disabled persons specially empowered women and girls with autism.

World Autism Awareness Day, to encourage acceptance and removing any stigma