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Dawson Hart Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday

03 Avril 2018

North Bend's Bayside Terrace Senior Living hosted an egg hunt where children were able to meet with the Easter Bunny in front of elders and grandparents.

Javier Freyre, of Bayonne, and his wife, brought their 4-year-old daughter Mariah to the hunt.

As part of the fun, Easter baskets and prizes also were provided.

"I thought it was cool", she said. However, the Easter eggs don't disappear once someone collects it, meaning someone can get points for it.

Jacob Moore, 12, helped hand out the eggs.

Pastor Buchannan said "We've got 15-thousand eggs, they're wrapped and they all have candy in them and we'll actually drop about 5 to 6 thousand out of the sky, the rest of them are scattered around the ground".

For parents Michelle and Michael Albrecht, of Finksburg, the chance for Nadiya to participate in an Easter egg hunt on her own was wonderful. "We don't know how many people to expect", Sutton said.

Schugel said that even a year ago the hunt had to be relocated due to snow despite an otherwise warm spring.

After families swept the outfield clean, they were given raffle tickets for toy prize drawings held at the end. We would hear mass and my mom would prepare an Easter egg hunt. Co-sponsored by Amity Fire District, the Amity Valley Women's Club and the Amity Lions Club. "Then we thought, 'Well, no one services the special needs children and sometimes they find it very hard to compete in an open event'". For the older children, it was baseball mitts and soccer balls, among others.

"There's not much you can do", he said.

"We are an active charity and we are only focused on children in whole community, not just Binghamton", said the co-founder of Children's Charity of Greater Binghamton, Sue Bucci. "But it has started prematurely before".

Over the weekend many families attended several Easter egg hunts all throughout the Bay Area.

"This is kind of fun, but running out and finding the eggs is more fun", he said. At that point, the event becomes a "miserable experience" for him, she said. Evan also liked that so many people came out to enjoy the day as well.

Still, Saturday's event saw a better turnout than the last time the annual egg hunt was met with snow five years ago, Larson said.

Dawson Hart Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday