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Queen Elizabeth pays female staff more than male employees

05 Avril 2018

Of the remaining employers, 8 per cent stated that they have no gender pay gap and 14 per cent reported one in favour of women.

Why is this happening now?

A disparity in representation of men and women on executive teams and boards has a huge impact on the overall pay gap.

The authority also recorded a mean bonus pay of 19.8% lower for women than men. She says the perception that women seek out part-time and minimum wage jobs is simply not true. Google announced recently that it spent $270,000 to eradicate its gender pay gap, and Apple similarly claims it has closed its pay gap.

What is the gender pay gap actually measuring?

These are two different ways of working out the average that give much different results.

Of those private companies that have filed their figures, 78% pay men more than women, while 13% pay women more.

"By finding out what their colleagues earn, women are then in a position to challenge any pay inequality", Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society, a UK-based women's rights group, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation by email. When median hourly pay was compared, the difference increased to 41.6%.

"To combat this, we're focused on encouraging more women into tech roles".

"We'll never close the pay gap if we don't get serious about solving the opportunity gap". But women aged 30 to 44 make 76.7 cents, while women aged 45 and up earn just 69.1 cents on a man's dollar.

At the Royal Free Hospital, in nearby Hampstead, women are earning 17.7pc less per hour than men, figures have revealed.

'Years out of the workforce raising children permanently reduces women's earnings.'

"Evidence shows that most employers are unlikely to voluntarily take action on gender equality, predominantly because they unduly think they're already treating all their staff fairly".

She said: "85 per cent of our workforce are female and we are proud that women are well represented across all our pay quartiles including the most senior roles in the organisation".

More than three-quarters of United Kingdom companies pay men more on average than women, the BBC has reported.

In Scotland, the SNP Government has a proud track record in equality issues - for example ensuring greater pay transparency, by lowering the threshold for listed public authorities to report their gender pay gap and publish equal pay statements.

The data shows that the charities with the largest pay gaps were nearly all academy trusts and independent schools.

The figures also show that men in Dartford And Gravesham NHS Trust were more likely to receive a bonus than women.

Others might simply point out it shows the need to help women become commercial pilots. Britain is one of the first countries in the world to introduce mandatory reporting of such gaps.

Queen Elizabeth pays female staff more than male employees