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'The Walking Dead' star teases the finale of Season 8

05 Avril 2018

Jared wants to kill the "dead weight" and deliver "Rick the Prick" to Negan. "The bat got me through this. Again and again. Even when I look away, I still see it". Since he's basically been forgotten by his old crew, maybe Heath joins the Saviors and gives them intel they need to fight Hilltop. He also promised her he'd come back, so why not let her get the justice she deserves? I just see it again and again.

Alden is 100 per cent correct. This week: Rick goes insane after losing a child. The Hilltop lost a lot of people thanks to The Saviors tainted weapons, but every Hilltop person that died just as many, if not more, Saviors died. The first hint at him being a decent human was when Rick told him about Carl. His truck is nearby and can help carry the wounded. No one's really talked about him or seemed to care enough to find him. Do you think it should be up to Negan to end the war?

Pictured: Zombies. Not pictured: The real threat.

While on his way back to the Sanctuary, Negan stops his vehicle and opens it with a smirk.

The Walking Dead Recap: How Does Rick Handle the Escaped Prisoners? Oops. Tag team, back again, Morgan and Rick go about offing everyone in the bar, revenge stylez. All I can figure is that the writers are setting up yet another shift in Rick's bipolar personality: He spends half of each season in "kill 'em all" mode and the other half trying to scratch out a peaceful society.

But The Walking Dead does know Rick's actions are immoral, even if the characters somehow don't. Why would Jadis, whose group lived in that one location (which is apparently called "The Heap"), know that there are helicopters patrolling the skies, but Negan, who has a group with HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of people spread out among numerous outposts, never hear of a helicopter cruising around?

"Still Gotta Mean Something" opens with a flashback to the assault on the Junkyard, and it's no surprise that Jadis does a fantastic impression of a corpse - wipes blood on herself, mouth agape, eyes bulging.

The question is: Why? Still Gotta Mean Something, leaned heavily into the various meanings of its title, and worked more often than it didn't, despite a few of the usual frustrating clichés the show has a tendency to stumble into, like a walker falling into a pond.

Best exchange: Morgan: "You can't save the dead, Carol."Carol: "You're not dead". Yes, it would be ridiculous for the series to have transitioned into this at some point without someone acknowledging this is where the show was heading, but it would be an explanation.

We're getting close to The Walking Dead season 8 finale, and in turn it feels as though we're getting somewhat close to the end of the road for the series on AMC as a whole (at least we feel that it's getting around time to wrap it up). However, Forbes says that quality was only second to AMC, who instead wanted to do 16 so as to make more money.

The Saviors thought they had the upper hand when Simon led the assault on The Hilltop last week but Maggie's battle strategy put a dent in The Saviors' numbers. Her instinct seems to be to beat him to death with his own bat, but she doesn't. Negan will be back and is expected to deal with Simon (Stephen Ogg). Watching Rick's nihilist quest for vengeance is reductive and, more importantly, boring. He spends much of their (lengthy) time together insisting that he didn't know or sanction the murder of the trash people. He's offered Rick plenty of opportunities to end the war. And even Rick may finally be moving toward settling. The show can't move forward with Rick like this. Rick won't stop until Negan is dead. Yeah, we know the season's winding down and that ramps up the excitement, but seriously, we're glad to have a break from do-nothing episodes.

Warning: The Walking Dead spoilers below.

But whether that involves Rick coming back from the dark side or not is anyone's guess.

'The Walking Dead' star teases the finale of Season 8