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Facebook to alert users on compromised data use

07 Avril 2018

"This work has not progressed past the planning phase, and we have not received, shared, or analysed anyone's data", a Facebook spokesperson told CNBC, the U.S. media outlet that broke the story today.

The company says it has been removing Zuckerberg's messages from the inboxes of various people for several years.

Hours ago, Facebook admitted that Mark Zuckerberg had given himself special powers to delete old Facebook messages from recipients' inboxes-a feature that's not available to ordinary Facebook users.

"We have [internally] discussed this feature several times", the company said in a statement sent to Quartz. Last year Facebook-owned WhatsApp added the ability for you to delete your messages.

"When we received word that this researcher gave the data to Cambridge Analytica, they assured us it was deleted", she said. This may take some time. Facebook has revealed they will not de deleting anymore messages until the feature is rolled out for the rest of their expansive community of users. "But we wanted to put out the maximum we felt that it could be as soon as we had that analysis done", said Zuckerberg. Facebook Messenger is used by more than a billion active users and the company just can't show preferential treatment to high profile people's security, while a majority of the commoners who really make or break the product get sidelined.

The Italian competition authority Antitrust said on Friday it had opened an investigation into Facebook for "alleged improper commercial practices" by not adequately informing users about data-gathering. The Sony messages included disparaging remarks about movie stars and other people in the entertainment industry. However, some messages sent earlier than 2014 have not been removed, according to the Facebook employees.

Well, trouble doesn't end there for the company as experts across the world are coming up with claims of compensation which the affected users are entitled to.

Looking through Facebook's terms of service, there does not appear to be anything that states it has the right to remove messages and other content from users' accounts, so long as the content falls within Facebook's guidelines to begin with. It could make users more willing to share vulnerable, sensitive, or confidential professional messages.

"Right now in the company, I think we have about 14,000 people working on security and community operations and review, just to make sure that we can really nail down some of those issues that we had in 2016", Mr Zuckerberg said in a U.S. interview this week. He has apologized for a "major breach of trust" in the Cambridge Analytica episode and Facebook has announced it would stop working with third-party data collectors.

Following this most recent revelation about Facebook's proposed medical research project, ACC president Michael Valentine told The Guardian no data had been shared and the health group is committed the US's strict health privacy legislation.

Facebook to alert users on compromised data use