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Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Says There Were Likely Other Breaches Like Cambridge Analytica

07 Avril 2018

That would be a paid product'. "The goal of this legislation is to ensure that all major platforms that sell political advertisements are held to the same rules of the road".

"Facebook at its core is a sharing service", Sandberg said. In the USA 37 bipartisan State attorneys have written to Facebook demanding to know more about the company's role in the manipulation of users' data by the consultancy, Cambridge Analytica.

Many have found the revelation that Zuckerberg's old messages were deleted to be a breach of trust along the lines of the Cambridge Analytica debaucle that has plagued the company for weeks.

In March, it was made public that personal information of about 50 million Facebook users had been harvested by the Cambridge Analytica consultancy firm without their permission.

Eighty-seven million Facebook users have had their data shared with Cambridge Analytica, too, in a scandal that has cost the social media giant $100 billion in market value and led to Zuckerberg being hauled before a congressional panel next week to testify.

Normal users of Facebook's Messenger app are not allowed to fully delete messages they send.

Starting today, all future access to the Pages API will need to be approved by Facebook.

In his Vox interview, Zuckerberg said the tools helped to prevent warring Muslim and Buddhist factions in Myanmar from communicating through the app.

"Until the unsend feature is released for everyone, Facebook says it won't unsend or retract any more of Zuckerberg's messages", Constine writes.

The federal privacy watchdog launched an investigation last month to look into allegations about the unauthorized access of private Facebook data. "We are now trying to do that", Sandberg also said. Since then, Facebook has said personal information from 87 million users around the world may have been impacted by the leak.

"But I think we got the balance wrong", she told Guthrie.

Note how Facebook is diverting attention to secret messages and using the words "we have discussed..." when this activity was never disclosed when it comes to non-secret messages - those that Zuckerberg has been deleting without recipients' knowledge.

That legislation is aimed at countering concerns about foreign nationals using social media to influence American politics, which is part of the investigation into possible Russian meddling during the 2016 United States presidential campaign.

The move to authorize issue-based ads comes on top of the changes Facebook rolled out in October, when it said advertisers running federal-election-related ads in the USA would be required to verify their identities and include disclosures.

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Says There Were Likely Other Breaches Like Cambridge Analytica