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Two Charged in String of Armed Winnipeg Robberies

07 Avril 2018

Investigators with the Fort Worth Police Department say they have identified and arrested five people believed to be responsible for a Valentine's Day game room robbery and shooting.

Modesto police said Simpson is suspected of killing his wife, Shannon Simpson, Tuesday afternoon in their home and then fleeing in the Hyundai.

Before the attack, one woman who was cut several times and left nearly dead received leaflets reading "today is yours expect us anytime", but she didn't alert the authorities.

Spokane Valley Deputies responded to a reported armed robbery around 9:50 p.m. The victim said he had entered the apartment because Isbell told him to and was attacked by two men wearing bandanas, and that one man was holding a knife.

According to Major Wendell Raborn, Wesley was arrested and booked on four counts of armed robbery and one count of marijuana possession.

Deputy Commissioner Operations Gabriel Manelusi said the RSIPF is working with police in Papua New Guinea and Bougainville to locate the remaining suspects. The silver vehicle headed north on Kings Highway, the report states.

After taking her money, police say they kicked her out and stole her vehicle.

Both suspects were wearing black hoodies and black trousers.

Williston police had taken a report earlier in the day of a robbery.

Two Charged in String of Armed Winnipeg Robberies