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Female suspect 'hated' the company — YouTube shooting

08 Avril 2018

In a statement given to reporters by Aghdam's father, the family says it has been left "in absolute shock" following her actions. The police told the family that they would keep an eye on her, but the shooting happened just 12 hours later.

Police in Northern California say they're responding to an active shooter at YouTube headquarters.

Another post accuses "close-minded" YouTube employees of putting an age restriction on videos, saying it's aimed at reducing views and discouraging the woman from making new videos.

Aghdam's online rants about the company censoring her predated these changes.

"She was a nice person".

Her brother telling ABC News, "I mean, I didn't know she has a gun". Shortly after opening fire, Aghdam killed herself.

When officers found Nasim Aghdam, she was in her auto near a strip mall in Mountain View, about 25 miles from YouTube and home to the company's owner, Silicon Valley giant Google.

After he learned that his sister was found sleeping in a auto in Mountain View, the brother got nervous. The San Bruno Police Chief added that she had gone into a gun range on Tuesday morning. The Mountain View police department reportedly did not share the information with San Bruno police. He told the Bay Area News Group that she "hated" YouTube and was angry that the company stopped paying her for videos she posted on the platform.

After discovering Aghdam in her vehicle, police called the woman's father and brother. "At this time there is no evidence that the shooter knew the victims of this shooting or that individuals were specifically targeted", police said in a statement. NPR's Nathan Rott joins us now from San Bruno.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families".

"This video got age restricted after new close-minded YouTube employees, got control of my farsi YouTube channel previous year 2016 & began filtering my videos to reduce views & suppress & discaurage [sic] me from making videos!" said Aghdam.

Nasim Aghdam poses with her rabbit. "I am being filtered on YouTube".

On Monday, Aghdam's father called police to report his daughter was missing and warned police she might have been heading to YouTube, police said. Here's what Nasim Aghdam had to say about what he told the police.

Images broadcast on local TV stations showed employees leaving with their hands raised. After the shooting, YouTube took down her videos, and some of her other social media sites have been removed, which typically happens after most of these shootings to shooters' profiles.

Some viewers of her eccentric videos questioned her sanity, but she responded, "I don't have any special mental or physical disease. But I live on a planet that is full of injustice and diseases". On the website, Aghdam was also a very outspoken vegan and animal rights activist. She offered few specifics about what she believed had been suppressed, other than to complain that her work-out videos had been flagged as adults-only content.

Female suspect 'hated' the company — YouTube shooting