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Darcy Juday: 'Celebrate' Equal Pay Day

11 Avril 2018

There's a reason the date for Equal Pay Day changes every April, and it's to symbolize how far into a year women must work in order to earn what their male counterparts did the previous year. Women are five times more likely than men to take a break from work to raise kids, and employees who leave the workforce for a year or more find that their pay upon returning is 7 percent less than a now employed person seeking the same job, according to PayScale's report. Instead, the General Assembly has pursued education reform efforts that have contributed to the wage gap.

"It looks like it's going the wrong way and will be interesting to see what the next couple of years bring", he said. On April 10, Boom Boom Brow Bar is donating 20 percent of all services to charities that are helping fight the wage gap. One out of every five women in Colorado is Latina, and they still only make 53.5 cents on the dollar compared to the highest earners, white males. It's technically the 12th-smallest gender pay gap in the country - which somebody should consider putting on a postcard for women visiting from states like Louisiana and Utah. Leading the push to promote Women in Technology throughout the Southwest is driven by his passion to make the local community a better place. Latinas working full-time in 2017 won't have made what white men made until November 1 of this year, said Noreen Farrell of the California-based group Equal Rights Advocates. IN teachers, in a field where women are well represented, watched their wages decline by 15 percent between 2000 and 2017, according to figures from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Pay disparity affects women even before we get on the job. As recently as this past year, the women's team rallied for equal pay, both in regular worldwide play and the Olympics.

The report finds the wage gap is due in part to the fact that women are overrepresented in low-wage jobs, and underrepresented in high-wage jobs.

"I know that my hourly rate was considerably less than those that were male and my counterparts with less experience".

The institute's research also showed women losing ground on pay parity in Maryland.

"A woman with a graduate degree earns $5,000 less than a man with a bachelor's degree", the report says. According to AAUW, research shows the USA economy would produce additional income of more than $512.6 billion if women received equal pay.

The analysis also breaks down wages in congressional districts.

According to AAUW, black women earn 63% of what white men were paid, while Hispanic women earn 54%.

In New Hampshire's 2 C.D., women make 84 percent of a man's salary, while in the 2 C.D., they made 82 cents, according to the report.

The difference in pay means in women lose a combined total of almost $16.2 billion every year to the gender wage gap, according to the National Partnership for Women and Families.

Darcy Juday: 'Celebrate' Equal Pay Day