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Local business community shows support for Humboldt Broncos bus crash victims

11 Avril 2018

A dozen survivors of a bus crash that killed 15 people on Friday are still in hospital and four remain in critical condition.

Parker Tobin's parents are both from the Conception Bay North area, and his father Ed is a Bay Roberts native. "Parker is stable at the moment and being airlifted to Saskatoon hospital", Rhonda Clarke Tobin wrote.

The front of the bus was non-existent after the crash.

"He made great friends on the team and was a champion ping pong player in the dressing room along with the Pruss twins", said Jones.

"In fact, it was Xavier Labelle".

Needham says what makes the Humboldt disaster even more tragic is that the team bus has always been considered a sort of sanctuary -- a safe place for players and coaches as they travel from game to game. "I remember seeing pictures of my dad playing and in news articles my mom had saved".

"Can you imagine? And it wasn't, of course, their boy". "Last night was a time to reflect".

"This is unprecedented in Saskatchewan's history", he said.

"I was getting ready to cook supper and then I got a phone call from a friend of mine who told me to put the news on and sure enough I turned it on and started to call some friends back in Humboldt, people we just visited previous year to see what was going on and if it was even real". I'm still trying to figure out exactly what kind of higher being I believe in. Those killed in the accident included head coach Darcy Haugan, former Surrey Eagle Jaxon Joseph, bus driver Glen Doerksen, sports reporter Tyler Bieber, and 11 players.

"The Office of the Chief Coroner apologizes for the misidentification and any confusion created by it", the ministry said in a statement.

To give us a sense of how much local teams mean, Rawnsley describes how the Kings' bus was greeted in Powell River upon returning home following the squad's recent playoff elimination. "To think that they're not coming home is pretty impactful in a very hurtful way".

"Being so close to that age group, it's impossible to not watch this and say, 'What if?"

"It just makes you realize how lucky you are", said Princeton Posse defenseman Morton Johnston.

"He loved all those hockey players that he drove", Cameron Doerksen said.

He said he felt at a loss as emergency crews worked to save those they could.

That was before the news of the mix-up came out. He said he didn't feel the identification process had been rushed.

"The families needed information, they needed information about who their loved ones were and what state they were in", he said. Fourteen others were injured in the crash, the cause of which the RCMP says is still under investigation.

As has Labelle, meaning in the midst of all the tragedy, there is something positive for one family.

"That means when the wind picks up, you've got nothing but cars taking the impact of that wind".

"It just goes to show you that you need to embrace every day, and each and every day that you're -- with your family".

Local business community shows support for Humboldt Broncos bus crash victims