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Pregnant woman attacked by boyfriend in Lake City

11 Avril 2018

A man allegedly raped a woman in a hotel after spiking her drink, shot a video of the act, hacked the woman's social media accounts and posted the video online.

Taking action, the police arrested the accused along with the weapon used in the crime.

Her victims and rights groups said they were disappointed with the sentence and were hoping that she would be jailed for life.

Balanagar Inspector B Kishan Kumar said the woman's mouth, hands and legs were taped with plaster, which has given doubts about her being sexually assaulted as well.

And Investigating officer, Detective Constable Peter Cave, said: "I am releasing these CCTV images of a man who I believe may have vital information about the offence".

She called 911 again on March 8, and was taken to the Rochester General Hospital, where she remained until March 26, Baxter said.

Rodney Cole, her father, said he ran after the auto into traffic but the driver ran a red light and kept going.

Detectives went to the address on the business card for the gold shop and discovered Maurelis had just been there, trying to get some appraisals on items. A man approached the vehicle and asked for her license.

The woman told police she had recently found out she was pregnant and her boyfriend, identified as Highsmith, knew of the pregnancy.

She called for an ambulance and accompanied Mrs Brinded back to Milliers Court, where she stayed with her for three hours while she was treated by paramedics and taken back to her flat by wheelchair.

"We're always relieved to find that a child has been located safely", he said.

Residents in the Lakeview neighbourhood were outside after they became curious with the police commotion that woke them up.

Police said they never had evidence to indicate the child's disappearance on Tuesday was suspicious and were not aware of anyone who may have been involved.

Pregnant woman attacked by boyfriend in Lake City