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Town Hall Addresses Gun Violence

11 Avril 2018

Panelists included current students, educators and law enforcement.

Once the students had finished their speeches the town hall was opened to all who wished to speak.

"I felt very safe before the shooting in Parkland, but after the shooting in Parkland I definitely didn't", Brazaitis said.

I am not a member of the National Rifle Association. "That was one of our main concerns that we would have a room full of people that all agree". I don't pack a gun because I'm evil but because I have lived long enough to experience evil in the world.

"That should be addressed and that's why I am doing this", Krishna Chanamolu, a student organizer said.

Students for Action, a group made up of several western NY teens, organized the town hall style event.

He said their goal is to take a holistic approach.

I have read and seen a lot of the strong language on gun control.

"We are disappointed that Mr. Corker, Mr. Alexander and Mr. Fleischmann couldn't make it, but we hope to start a productive conversation on the issues", said Allen Liu, a senior at the McCallie School and one of the student leaders who organized the town hall. In this way, punishing crimes that involve guns more heavily than crimes that do not should reduce gun crime and gun violence overall.

Gray said those ideas are now being discussed by the Monongalia County Board of Education. "We need to discuss them at the community level instead of the national level". As elected members of the Virginia House of Delegates, we are determined to do just that. He says school administrators slow-walked responses to his requests for accommodations.

More than 200 school shootings have taken place since the murders at Columbine, Colorado, in 1999. Despite growing up in that aftermath, students were not instilled with fear nor were changes made in school protocol.

It is our job to come together to make sure gun-violence tragedies like Parkland do not happen again.

"Certainly the answer is not arming teachers but I think it's an issue that we can continue to keep going with the conversation whether it's improving school security or raising age limits on firearms which I'm a big advocate for", said Lesley Lebrun.

" I'm an 18-year-old black girl, and when I walk down the street my first thought is not being attacked by a stranger", Omoregie explained".

Thousands of student activists from North Texas will join forces Saturday with young survivors of a school shooting in Florida to push for better protections against gun violence at schools.

Students from Northwest, Southlake Carroll, Flower Mound and Fort Worth schools are among those participating at the march in downtown Fort Worth.

On March 24, marches were held all over the country for an end to mass shootings and advocacy of gun control legislation. Can we blame the president, the NRA, and the law? There were about 400. But typically there's some other factor in play - often a criminal case - that leads a person not to request one because the charged person has already been ordered to turn over their firearms.

Town Hall Addresses Gun Violence