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Avengers: Infinity War ticket presales outpacing last 7 MCU movies combined

12 Avril 2018

The Thor: Ragnarok mid-credits scene revealed that the ship full of the surviving Asgardians, Thor and Loki included, crossed paths with Sanctuary II, Thanos' current means of transportation. This spot seems to reinforce how Peter Quill will react when placed in the company of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's greatest heroes.

Talking to Telegraph India, Joe Russo confirmed that Infinity War will be told in the perspective of Thanos.

In fact, the Avengers are a huggy bunch across the board - here's a quick shot of Downey putting the squeeze on Pratt. After all, since Age Of Ultron, he's been at the receiving end of other Avengers.

Lastly, Mark Ruffalo calls Downey the "godfather" among the Avengers cast because of the journey he has made.

JOE's Eoghan Doherty caught up with Anthony and Joe Russo to chat about Avengers: Infinity War and we finally got an answer about the fate of Hawkeye. What do you think is a possible future and what do you think is now happening? It's lived in his brain even though he couldn't name it. Hopefully, the heroes will figure out a way to stop Thanos in the MCU flick. I got to start from scratch. "He's the man, I absolutely love him". So yes, he has been a very exciting statue to be involved with, especially with the new developments in character portrayal on screen.

However, with Avengers: Infinity War, it will be the first time that so many superheroes across the MCU come together. You can not have more than 40 main characters in play at the same time without making a mess of things; but that has done little to temper our excitement.

Everyone knows Robert is an incredibly fearless performer, and he takes this character to very interesting places. It was Kramer vs. Kramer, and it was a really messy divorce. How much thought went into how the statue would be posed and how did you decide on the final version?

"Avengers: Infinity War" is said to be Disney's Solo release alongside A Star Wars Story (May 25). (I know, my eyes just filled with tears, too.) I see this going one of two ways: it may be a self-sacrificial move, or it'll be the opposite. He only has time to act.

One of the most awaited movies of the year Avengers: Infinity War is an underestimation by about 10 years.

Avengers: Infinity War ticket presales outpacing last 7 MCU movies combined