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Dwayne Johnson Says 2019 Could (FINALLY!) Be The Year of BLACK ADAM!

12 Avril 2018

Johnson plays Davis Okoye, obviously.

Rampage boasts a stone cold stupid script ladened with some hilariously on-the-nose and cringe-worthy dialogue, especially when it comes to all the pseudo-science involved in turning everyday animals into giant monsters. It's undoubtedly the biggest lead role for Harris in terms of the scale of this movie, and she more than matches the huge presence of her co-star. It's dumb beyond belief; even your 12 year-old self would think so.

Dwayne Johnson has some big news for DC fans! I would read every book on filmmaking and watch every interview, and I remember seeing an interview with Dwayne for the "Gridiron Gang", and I thought to myself, 'Man, he seems like a genuinely good person'. Johnson clearly knows how insipid the whole thing is and owns it, lending the proceedings some tiny dose of emotional sincerity. He has a bond with an albino gorilla named George, a frisky primate who has been taught sign language by Okoye (including how to give someone the middle finger). It's all very sweet, but George is already preternaturally intelligent and emotional before his accidental transformation. The same thing happened to a wolf in Wyoming and a crocodile in Florida.

Are you still excited to see a Black Adam movie, or would you rather of had them test the waters in Shazam?

Unfortunately, it's the great Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is responsible for a majority of the latter. Regardless of how this one turns out, one thing is for certain... Still, Johnson in a disaster film has a ton of potential.

The film is a would be summer blockbuster. But now a Shazam! movie is happening, and people expected him to be the villain there. But CRISPR was diverted and fell into the hands of the villainous Claire Wyden (Malin Akerman), who is looking to make lots of money off of the technology with the help of her bumbling henchman Brett (Jake Lacy). As well as the gargantuan beasts roaming around eating everything they can get their mouths on there is also Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Agent Harvey Russell who is chewing scenery left, right and centre. With inspiration taken from classics such as King Kong, Godzilla and even Dwayne Johnson's more recent action movies such as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and San Andreas, Rampage offers a riseclously outlandish premise which is over-egged with hugely inflated action set pieces, but for some reason, all of this somehow works. Rampage rarely manages to create the illusion that The Rock isn't interacting with a CGI character brought to life through motion capture and green screen, but it does succeed in making George a fun reflection of Davis' "loud and crude, but with a heart of gold" persona.

Dwayne Johnson Says 2019 Could (FINALLY!) Be The Year of BLACK ADAM!