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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg testifies: 6 things we learned, a bunch we didn't

12 Avril 2018

The 33-year-old CEO has been questioned on everything from Cambridge Analytica's misappropriation of up to 87 million users' data, to allegations of anti-conservative bias at his company.

Data, in other words, that users have not specifically provided - or that they even know Facebook is collecting and using. And what we know about social media networks and the Internet in general is that they're good at marshalling and gathering a kind of force behind a campaign. "What they should expect from the people who deliver services on that tool is responsibility", said Galvin.

Every company in Europe or with European users will be be covered.

"These things are a fabric of our society and we need them to be trusted", said Galvin.

Although numerous questions that were asked seemed a bit off-topic-often due to the apparent lack of understanding about the company-some senators did focus their attention on the topic at hand. And there is ample evidence of Facebook's political bias to worry any reasonable user.

The latest estimate of affected users is up to 87 million. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) asked what sorts of legislative changes he thinks would help solve the problems exposed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Cruz then asked if Facebook had taken down any pages from Democratic candidates or liberal groups like Planned Parenthood and, to which Zuckerberg said he had no knowledge of. Going into the day 2 of Zuckerberg testimony, we will be bringing all the highlights from the hearing right here. For the past 14 years Facebook has been much more interested in exploiting the personal data rather than protecting personal data.

Zuckerberg disclosed that his company is "working with" special counsel Robert Mueller in the federal probe of Russian election interference.

The survey was conducted online on April 11 among 750 US adults. But he said it is unsafe to pass a law requiring Facebook ads to be true, as some have suggested.

Lawmakers called Zuckerberg to testify after he admitted the company made mistakes that led to private data of users being shared with a British research company.

Zuckerberg was on Capitol Hill for the second consecutive day to answer questions from Congress, visiting the House of Representatives after sitting with almost half the Senate on Tuesday.

"This is an ongoing arms race", he said. In contrast to their amiably confused counterparts in the Senate, members of the House committee demonstrated a generally better command of how Facebook works and how its efforts to develop richly detailed advertising profiles for billions of people have created privacy concerns around the world. "The GDPR has a bunch of different important pieces", Zuckerberg told Rep. Janice Schakowsky (D-IL).

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg testifies: 6 things we learned, a bunch we didn't