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House speaker Paul Ryan reportedly says he won't seek re-election

13 Avril 2018

Ryan said the majority of the Republican Party was "in good hands and with a bright future". In last week's election for an open Wisconsin Supreme Court seat, conservative candidate Michael Screnock won the district by over 5 points while losing statewide by 12.

Ryan's now retiring in early January.

Ryan's plans have been the source of much speculation amid Republican concerns over keeping their majority in the House of Representatives.

Scalise, 52, the House GOP vote counter and No. 3 leader, was first elected a decade ago and had little national name recognition until tragedy thrust him into headlines.

Paul Ryan entered Congress the year Hastert became speaker-1999. "Seats where Democrats have not run in many years are absolutely in play this year...more and more Republicans are realizing that the wave is coming and they don't want to grapple with that". Scalise apologized and said he'd been unaware of the group's racial views. But the Louisiana Republican literally took a bullet for the team at a baseball practice last June.

Breitbart, whose former executive chairman Steve Bannon advised President Donald Trump, has also been accused of promoting white nationalism: In October, a Buzzfeed report linked the site's editors to known members of the neo-Nazi movement, illustrating how the platform laundered white supremacy into the mainstream. Quiet intraparty revolts during congressional leadership races are not uncommon, though.

That may be true.

One of the nearly-departed said it's becoming tough in the trenches. When asked about not sticking around to see the trillion-dollar deficits now forecast to follow the tax cut, Ryan pointed to the need to reform entitlements - Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

But consider the political context: Washington is seeing a young speaker who is third in line to the presidency and who once ran as a vice-presidential candidate willingly leave the nexus of power when his party controls the White House, the Senate, and the House.

Ryan has held down Wisconsin's 1st District handily over the years, but he was facing a potentially hard contest against rising Democrat Randy Bryce, better known as "Iron Stache". Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania told reporters that his colleagues are in an impossible position: Defy Trump and get scorched by supporters, or defend him and get singed by other voters.

As for Ryan's replacement as House Speaker?

When he accepted the speaker's post in 2015, Ryan said he would do so only under certain conditions - including that he would reduce the amount of travel involved. "You all know that I did not seek this job", he said.

But not everyone agrees with King.

"I can't let that happen", he said. The Trumpian revolution, which Ryan had long resisted, appeared to have claimed another victory, dispatching another occasional critic and reaffirming the president's growing hold on a shrinking electoral coalition.

"Certainly for (President Trump) to weigh-in is appropriate", said Meadows. The 2008 financial crisis, meanwhile, made mincemeat of the supply-side optimism that had always been Ryan's credo, and which increasingly lost ground to a more zero-sum politics pitting makers against takers-a formulation that, for a time, he took up as his own. That tells you a leadership race is on - even if it's not.

One positive note for Republicans is the Senate. There were rumblings about Sens. His role has been especially valuable during the past year and a half.

Thirty-eight Republicans are leaving the House by choice after this November's election. Or a test of who can woo conservatives. "How could you be serious about cutting costs when you vote for an omnibus like that?"

The chair of the House Republican conference has the best chance of any woman to win the job, and it is a slim one, which is a fair summary of the current state of her party.

House speaker Paul Ryan reportedly says he won't seek re-election