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Thursday evening Local Alert Weather Forecast

13 Avril 2018

Dig out your sandals and shorts. It will top out at around 80° today. In the state's northwest, temperatures are set to fall near freezing early Sunday and below freezing Monday morning.

While some weird "appetizer" VERY fast moving showers are possible...the "main event" will be after 4PM I think. However, Ashtabula and Sandusky may get capped in the 60s.

SUN/MON: A few clouds and perhaps a stray shower Sunday. These should wind down by mid-morning, if not sooner than that. It looks like an active severe weather day there.

The greatest threat for severe weather is west and southwest of St. Louis. Temperatures falling from 70s to the 60s. We'll drop to about 64° by 11:00 PM.

THE ALABAMA WEEKEND SITUATION: After a review of new model data, there isn't much change in our thinking. It's rather tricky though. There is still some time to figure how the weekend forecast and how it pans out, and in the meantime things remain quiet for the next 24-36 hours.

That moisture...combined with highs well into the 70s again will help create instability during the afternoon. Highs aren't expected to break out of the 40s for both Saturday and Sunday. Sadly, that is the end of this fine run of spring days, at least for a while.

There could be some rain Thursday morning and in the early afternoon on Long Island, but temperatures will be warmer - and even warmer Friday, forecasters said.

As for Patriots Day Monday, it is expected to be a windy and wet day for runners and spectators, with about 1 1/2 inches of rain forecast. Periods of rain are likely. A good portion of the eastern and central U.S. had a cool March, and April has begun similarly. Snow showers were anticipated to continue the rest of Thursday above 5,000 feet, with chains required east of Gold Run on Interstate 80 and Kyburz on Interstate 50 as of 7:30 a.m.

Thursday evening Local Alert Weather Forecast