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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Made $3 Billion During Hearings

14 Avril 2018

A house hearing examining the company's privacy policies and the role Facebook played as Russians intervened in the 2016 election has begun.

Picture: other What is Congress trying to find out from Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg was congratulated before Congress for designing a network that has accomplished the dream of America but was also cautioned for the breaches associated with the security of the people. He attended by his own choice and is not on trial, he is merely there to help congress understand the situation.

The move follows a decision by European Union privacy watchdogs to look deeper into the harvesting of personal data from social networks for economic or political purposes.

Facebook will apologize, and we are sure to see various marketing campaigns in an attempt to restore its former glory. Now the site basically regulates itself.

"The only way we're going to close this trust gap is through legislation that creates and empowers a sufficiently resourced expert oversight agency, with rulemaking authority to protect the digital privacy and ensure that companies protect our users' data". At the very least, we should expect some answers as to why Facebook has been able to get away with harvesting data from users that haven't consented, unless Zuckerberg continues to flawless the deflection techniques he's seemingly getting good at.

But when asked whether Facebook would commit to minimizing user data collection as much as possible, he said: "This is a complex issue that deserves more than a one word answer".

So, how did he do?

"Yes or no", asked Sen.

Zuckerberg's reply: "It will not be shared with third parties". "You don't even know how many kinds of information you're logging". However, he also said that AI wouldn't be able to properly deal with hate speech for another five to ten years which seems. ridiculous?

"They would advertise for housing but would say, 'Well, we don't want to advertise to, say, racial or religious minorities, for example".

"Senator, yes. There will always be a version of Facebook that is free".

Rumors are flying about whether or not a paid version of Facebook is on the horizon.

"I urged Facebook to take all the necessary steps to mitigate any potential negative consequences for the users in the future".

Eighty-seven percent of adults use Facebook or one of its products like photo-sharing app Instagram or chat app WhatsApp. "Some of the questions asked of Mark Zuckerberg didn't suggest to me a level of understanding of the nuance of privacy by some of the senators".

"It's pretty obvious to me that someone is listening to the audio on our phones", Buschon said.

- "If I'm emailing within WhatsApp.does that inform your advertisers?"

Seeking clarity, Long asked Zuckerberg if his interpretation of Facemash was on target, a question that led to a brief and awkward pause from Zuckerberg.

Technology journalist for The Guardian Alex Hern, who covers Facebook extensively, wrote on Twitter: "It is unthinkable to me that Zuckerberg is not familiar with the concept of "shadow profiles", and the absence of a straight denial that they exist is probably the strongest evidence that yes, Facebook continues to maintain shadow profiles".

It was cobbled together by Zuckerberg after a night of drinking while still a student at Harvard, according to a blog he kept at the time.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Made $3 Billion During Hearings