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Jordan not opposing McCarthy for speaker

14 Avril 2018

Axios reported Wednesday that Ryan told confidants that he wouldn't be running again, and that Scalise could be a likely candidate to fill the role.

Ryan on Thursday sought to end any talk of a battle between McCarthy, his No. 2, and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, his No. 3. White House officials declined to comment.

There is agitation among at least a few Republicans to move Ryan out of the way now rather than wait until after the election.

Thanks to Ryan's announcement, I know at least one Louisianan for whom the stakes just got a whole lot higher.

Scalise stood down both times, even though he's the natural legislator of the trio, the one who was always best suited to build a long career in the House. "He and I are good friends", Scalise said. It's completely conceivable for Republicans to lose the majority and have Scalise decide it's not worth challenging McCarthy to be minority leader.

"But I think that which he now & rsquo; s moving through and Steve Scalise is appreciated by people and also suffered". Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-OR), the only woman in House GOP leadership, has expressed interest. But it is widely known that Trump enjoys a close relationship with McCarthy, whom the president once publicly referred to as "my Kevin" and has invited to weekend retreats in Florida.

Ryan's statement, presented as an off-hand comment, comes as a surprise.

Scalise admitted he didn't expect Zuckerberg to share the news feed algorithm in its entirety, he asked "who develops the algorithm?" McCarthy had previously run for speaker in 2015 to replace the retiring John Boehner, before abruptly withdrawing from the race. "Friends say that after Ryan passed tax reform, his longtime dream, he was ready to step out of a job that has become endlessly frustrating, in part because of President Trump", writes Axios. We still have a lot of more work to get done'. These are the current front-runners for GOP leader.

It is widely understood, those Republicans said, that Graves is speaking for a larger GOP legislative group that does not wish to openly challenge Ryan's wishes. Cantor initially pledged to serve out his term, only to reverse course and resign less than two months later. "We have a very talented leadership team that is extremely experienced now". All the analysts are saying you're going to have a blue wave. "They know what Nancy Pelosi would do as Speaker".

With Republican incumbents - those who haven't retired - already facing strong headwinds heading into the midterms, the last thing the caucus needs is a six-month race to replace Ryan. Behind the scenes, however, members of his own party were less than enchanted.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., who heads the Freedom Caucus, said a candidate's willingness to listen to all lawmakers is "probably the top priority" for backing someone.

McCarthy suggested in 2015 that a House committee probing the deadly 2012 raid on the USA embassy in Benghazi, Libya, had damaged Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's poll numbers, undermining GOP arguments that the investigation wasn't politically motivated. He was shot at a congressional baseball practice a year ago and is still recovering from his injuries. "He did the opposite". Trump has also embraced Scalise, who is still recovering after being shot at a baseball practice in June.

Jordan not opposing McCarthy for speaker