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Teachers 'walk-in' for raises, school funding

14 Avril 2018

Teachers have said they appreciate the raise, but argued that more funding was needed for supplies and to reduce class sizes, among other things.

Another corporal punishment case has been reported from a city school, where a student's eardrum got damaged after a teacher beat him with a duster.

Investigators found Fish was sacked months earlier after school leaders learned he hosted a "fight club" in a math classroom. He later received a mental health evaluation.

After the teacher walkout came to an abrupt end on Thursday night, many educators feel as though the fight isn't over. Fish, who was a substitute at Montville High in Montville, CT, allowed students to turn his classroom into a "fight club" of sorts, encouraging violent confrontations between students during class.

Fish was brought down to the principal's office and his explanation was "boys will be boys". Police learned of the freaky situation after four students came forward and revealed what was actually going on when Fish was a substitute. "Unfortunately, we're in a day and age where one might need to use them to protect ourselves and our kids".

Investigators soon learned that the school had at least half a dozen videos of incidents on its servers, in addition to some sent to police by parents. Fish was identified standing in the background.

"The Legislature still hasn't done their job, and some of those guys, they're already gone for the weekend", said Dina Kincaid, a Norman North High School Latin teacher. The videos have not been released, but are described in detail in Fish's arrest affidavit.

A Montville detective viewed a video that showed Fish - while smiling and laughing - motioning with his hands in a way that appears to signal the start of a fight. The fight didn't restart because the school bell rang.

Hernando said she's not a money person, she just wants her schoolchildren, who live in a very poor urban area, to receive as much funding as they can.

Fish would reportedly permit the students to draw male body parts on the board and according to a student, he would tell them that he smoked marijuana.

"I'm supporting all teachers because we want to get paid more", Christian Rodriguez said as she marched toward Lincoln School, where she teaches second grade.

Superintendent Brian Levesque told the Day that he did not immediately alert police after firing Fish because he knew of only one fight and thought it was an isolated incident.

"It's just really hard to be gone and we are always conscientious of what our students are missing when we are not there and how that's going to impact them", Coil said.

Teachers 'walk-in' for raises, school funding