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The US may have missed its chance to rejoin the TPP

14 Avril 2018

Larry Kudlow, Trump's new economic advisor, told times in a statement that "this whole trade thing has exploded". And I think the president realizes, as President Obama did, that having closer links economically with those countries increases our defense capabilities and readiness. She says mixed signals from the administration could cause problems. The 11-member pact includes Mexico and Canada, which are in the process of re-negotiating the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement with the United States.

Still, it's unclear to what extent the comments represent an actual shift in policy.

Yorizumi Watanabe, a professor of worldwide politics and economics at Keio University in Tokyo, said Japan would certainly welcome the return of the USA in the TPP because Japan "has been making its best efforts to bring the U.S. back to the TPP". Best deal ever! It's the art of the deal at work!

"If it's true, I would welcome it", Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso told reporters after a cabinet meeting on Friday and before Trump's tweet.

Trump "is a person who could change temperamentally, so he may say something different the next day", Aso said.

The S&P 500 Index closed up 0.8 percent and the Dow Jones Industrial Average added nearly 300 points, or 1.2 percent, as investors assessed the changing trade dynamics.

The president earlier this week said he would make a decision by Wednesday, but that self-imposed deadline came and went with no US action or final decision by the commander in chief. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, who has been a sometimes-Trump critic, applauded the president's willingness to reconsider his order to remove America from the trade alliance. In 2015, former Defense Secretary Ash Carter compared the trade pact to an aircraft carrier in securing American interests in Asia. He will work to increase access for our farmers to the worldwide markets that have tried to shut them out, including through trade agreements that break down unfair barriers.

The news infuriated labor unions and many working-class supporters of the president.

"It's hard to bring part of the pact and renegotiate it", he said, calling it a "well-balanced pact" that carefully addressed the needs of the current 11 member nations.

They last month finalized a revised version of the trade pact, renaming it the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.

"Last year, the President kept his promise to end the TPP deal negotiated by the Obama administration because it was unfair to American workers and farmers".

Additionally, New Zealand fully embraced President Trump's call for making the TTP fair and reciprocal. And for the USA, it could help counteract the damage caused by the threat of a trade war with a rising China.

The investigators, who are only mandated to determine if chemical weapons were used and not who used them, were expected to start their investigations into the Douma incident on Saturday, the Netherlands-based organization said.

Xi's open markets pledge?

Ministers from Japan, Australia and Malaysia welcomed US President Donald Trump directing officials to explore returning to the TPP, a pact he withdrew from shortly after taking office.

The U.S. presumably would have to pay a price for rejoining.

The US may have missed its chance to rejoin the TPP