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Area Republicans: Ryan's retirement to have little local effect

16 Avril 2018

The top Republican in the US House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, has chose to retire when his term ends, casting his party into a leadership fight ahead of crucial mid-term elections.

Ryan and his allies have been trying to head off a power struggle within the House GOP in the wake of his retirement announcement, which comes as the party is fighting to cling to its majority after November congressional elections. At that time, almost half of Americans (46%) said they viewed the speaker unfavorably, up from 34% who said the same in November 2016.

After President Donald Trump tweeted a photo of himself along all white, male members of the Republican leadership, the ever-present concern regarding the GOP's failure to include minorities was once again brought up.

"Realistically, the chances were low of anything getting done anyway", Feehery said.

Amodei was probably the most people in their own considerations, whilst others contested if Ryan might, like a lame-duck speaker, lead the chamber departure any meaningful laws - though a slight legislative agenda beforehand lets incumbents to concentrate more on re election as chief season warms up.

"There is no one who can get the 218 votes to be speaker today except Paul Ryan", North Carolina's Mark Meadows, chairman of the Freedom Caucus, said. "It works better to have private conversations than public disputes", Ryan said.

House Speaker Paul Ryan's retirement stunner is the equivalent of the captain of a ship jumping overboard before it sinks. And that's challenging. If you're a member of Congress right now, particularly in a swing or marginal district, and you go out there and you put some distance between yourself and the president, well guess what?

Ryan visited a private gathering of Republican leaders in Fort Wayne last May in part to thank Banks for voting in favor of a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

King tried to get Ryan to throw the president under the bus, asking him if "Trump fatigue" played a role in his decision to not run for reelection.

"I attribute it to Wisconsin voters standing up to special interests", said Dallet, a Milwaukee County Circuit Court judge, last week.

"You realise something when you take this job", Ryan, his party's failed 2012 vice presidential nominee who reluctantly agreed to become speaker in 2015, told a news conference.

"I don't like the fact that you feel that way", he said.

Ryan's announcement is certain to set off a major succession battle.

"Paul Ryan is an institution here in Janesville and also in the 1st Congressional District". We have many different kinds of Republicans.

The speaker's move came less than three years after he took the leadership post as a compromise candidate following the resignation of Ohio Rep. John A. Boehner. However, he seemed to be pretty confident his party will not be defeated in November. Ryan may have had photogenic biceps but it turns out he had no backbone and was easily pushed around by giant cheese puff Trump.

The number two Republican, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, is a frontrunner for the speaker's job, should the party maintain its majority.

Area Republicans: Ryan's retirement to have little local effect