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Mark Zuckerberg faces off with American lawmakers Video

15 Avril 2018

Facebook has been under scanner from the time news broke last month that the personal information of 87 million users had been illegally harvested by political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica in an attempt to influence political outcomes. Billy Long even went so far as to produce a very big poster of the duo, and ask Zuckerberg, "What is unsafe about two Black women supporting President Donald J. Trump?"

Facebook and Britain's Information Commissioner's Office is still investigating the Cambridge Analytica brief.

But why are there so many videos of people claiming to have proved Facebook is listening?

"Right there. Not buried in the settings somewhere but right there", Zuckerberg said. The information that we collect, you can choose to have us not collect. Can you imagine a world where you might decide that pro-lifers are prohibited from speaking about their abortion views on your content - on your platform?

Its stock is down about seven percent this year and, ironically, shares hit an all-time high just before the Cambridge Analytica scandal hit, but they've been down 16 percent ever since.

The hearings that ended on Wednesday revealed no consensus among U.S. lawmakers about what kind of privacy legislation they might want to pursue, if any, and no timeline for action.

And if you're anxious Facebook might be listening to you through your phone, you might not like what the company has in store. "And in the future, only apps we approve that agree to strict requirements will be allowed to use the Events API", said Schroepfer.

Zuckerberg's ignorance was presumably limited to the term and its usage rather than the concept itself, since Facebook offers non-members the ability to request their personal data. "Even if someone isn't logged in, we track certain information, like how many pages they're accessing, as a security measure".

It can collect data on every element of your digital identity on the network, from your search and Messenger chat history to photos you've uploaded and files sent across its servers.

Zuckerberg told lawmakers that Facebook had now removed the option for advertisers to exclude ethnic groups from targeting. The statement added that the Messenger apps would now "only upload to our servers the information needed to offer this feature-not broader data such as the time of calls".

Over the two days, the value of Zuckerberg's stake in Facebook grew about $US3 billion ($NZ4 billion).

But she still says she is unclear about how her details came to be included in the batch of data sold to a third party.

"I do imagine that we will find some apps that were either doing something suspicious or misusing people's data", he said.

In response the social network boss said: "Yes, there will always be a version of Facebook that is free". "I consider us to be a technology company, because the primary thing that we do is have engineers who write code and build products and services for other people", he said. "I'm aware that there may be, but we are working with them". It is clear now that Facebook didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm.

Mark Zuckerberg faces off with American lawmakers Video