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Putin condemns strike on Syria, calls for United Nations emergency meeting

15 Avril 2018

But clearly, they are interested in this idea that the USA was hitting both military and civilian targets, suggesting that Moscow may help Damascus beef up its air defenses for providing these S-300 surface air missile systems to Syria in the coming future.

As global chemical weapons experts travelled to Syria to investigate a suspected gas attack by government forces which killed dozens of people, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to Russia's Vladimir Putin and expressed concern about a worsening situation. But that fiery rhetoric-more theatrical than substantive-may be the limit of Russia's immediate reaction, or at least a signifier that its response will not be on the battlefield.

The Russian military said it hasn't engaged its air defense assets at its air and naval bases in Syria.

Medvedev elaborated a bit on expected retaliation by Russian Federation.

"With our allies, we ensured that the Russians were warned ahead of time", said French Defense Minister Florence Parly.

"Our intelligence tells us otherwise".

Russia's ambassador to Lebanon on Tuesday had told Lebanon's Al Manar TV that any US missiles fired at Syria would be shot down and the launch sites targeted, Reuters reported.

"Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria".

Some national leaders appeared anxious to avert a U.S. In recent days, state media have been offering tips on how to behave in a nuclear conflict and what supplies to take to bomb shelters.

The Eurocontrol airspace organization said that the European Aviation Safety Agency had sent a "Rapid Alert Notification" that flight operations needed to consider the possibility of air or missile strikes into Syria.

Russian Federation has several dozen warplanes at Hemeimeem air base in Syria, along with an array of state-of-the-art air defense missile systems and the Bastion missile systems protecting the coast.

Mattis said he believed chemical weapons had been used, but "we are looking for evidence" on who was responsible.

In case of escalation, Russian Federation could use air bases of its ally Iran to deploy more aircraft closer to Syria. These - you know, essentially Bashar al-Assad gave up his weapon stores under this deal that was cut with - between the Kremlin and the Obama administration back in 2013.

That makes Russian Federation conflicted as Assad seeks to retake the last pockets of rebel-held territory in his country, in part by using horrific, indiscriminate violence, including chemical weapons. "There is a proposal to start with the destruction of chemical weapons".

Asked to comment on possible USA strikes, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said Thursday that "it's necessary to avoid any steps that may fuel tensions in Syria". US cigarette brands are mostly produced locally. -Russian confrontation will likely shift to sanctions.

Like a succession of U.S. presidents - Republican and Democrat - Trump has unsuccessfully tried to "reset" relations with Putin, despite his more overt courtship of the former KGB spy. Russian military advisers are deployed at many Syrian government facilities.

It is to be discussed in the lower house next week.

Trump made clear in his eight-minute television address that he is wary of a deeper entanglement in Syria, where about 2,000 US troops have been deployed to fight Islamic State. That means the Kremlin often ends up inflicting costs on the Russian population when formulating sanctions against the West. A Western official told CNN that it is not conclusive, but officials suspect the substance used in the attack was a mixture of chlorine, sarin and possibly other chemicals.

Putin condemns strike on Syria, calls for United Nations emergency meeting