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Stormy Daniels may appear at hearing for Trump lawyer

15 Avril 2018

Uncertainty over exactly what Federal Bureau of Investigation agents seized from Cohen comes as Trump faces an intensifying probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into whether his presidential campaign colluded with Russian Federation.

Pressed later whether Cohen was still acting as Trump's attorney, Sanders demurred.

The confirmation was in a response by the USA attorney's office for the Southern District of NY to Cohen's motion seeking to prevent prosecutors from reviewing some evidence obtained on Monday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in raids of his hotel room and office.

"It is common for a civil case to be stayed under these circumstances, and that is what we will be requesting of the US District Court tomorrow", Blakely said in an email. It's the latest development to come after an Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on Cohen's home and office this week.

Despite the Cohen matter being unrelated to Mueller's Russian Federation investigation and the obstruction probe into Trump, the FBI raid on Monday infuriated the president and reportedly prompted him and his lawyers to scrap plans for a sit-down interview with Mueller.

"I know that the President worked with him as a personal attorney".

President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael D. Cohen has been described as his fixer, his pitbull, and his Secretary of Loyalty, but long before Cohen entered Trump's inner circle, he was a kid from Lawrence, admiring the headline-grabbing New York City real estate mogul from afar. "For example, Cohen has told at least one witness that he has only one client - President Trump", prosecutors wrote in a court filing. Neither he nor his lawyer responded to requests for comment.

Cohen has also admitted he was in contact with American Media Inc., the owner of the National Enquirer, during the company's disscussions with a Trump Tower doorman who eventually obtained $30,000 for exclusive rights to a story he told suggesting Trump had fathered a child out of wedlock with an ex-employee.

Looks like whatever Mueller found only bolstered their case.

It also potentially involved records related to porn star Stormy Daniels, who was paid $130,000 weeks before the election to silence an alleged affair she had with Trump.

The government's motion also reveals that prosecutors examined a safe-deposit box used by Cohen - carrying out the searches in part because they feared evidence might be destroyed if they had simply served him with a subpoena.

Cohen's lawyers, for their part, have asked to review the material for themselves, a proposal which the Manhattan prosecutors are fighting.

Meanwhile, Mr Cohen on Friday filed for a 90-day delay in Ms Daniels' defamation lawsuit, citing last Monday's raids on his home, office and hotel room. Although Cohen was not technically required to be there, a judge seemed upset that he didn't appear.

Stormy Daniels may appear at hearing for Trump lawyer