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Trump Slams Comey As 'Weak And Untruthful Slime Ball'

15 Avril 2018

Mr Trump then added to his attacks on Mr Comey in a series of further tweets on Sunday. His virulent attack reflected months of simmering anger against a career law enforcement bureaucrat who has emerged as one of his fiercest opponents. "It's certainly possible... I do know that, as of this writing, Special Counsel Mueller and his team are hard at work and the American people can have confidence that, unless their investigation is blocked in some fashion, they will get to the truth, whatever that is". Trump has denied any collusion. In addition, Comey says he and the president sparred over Trump's complimentary words regarding Vladimir Putin and his suggestion in an interview that the US was also guilty of illegal killings.

Comey recommended no criminal charges to the Justice Department in the Clinton email probe, instead reprimanding the former Secretary of State as "extremely careless".

James Comey, the FBI director fired by President Donald Trump previous year over the Russian Federation meddling investigation, has always worn his professionalism and principles on his sleeve. Reuters has obtained a copy. Comey likens the president to a mob boss and calls him "untethered" and "unethical".

Indeed, Trump's Friday morning tweets about Comey are some of his best-composed. The dossier alleged that Kremlin had a tape of the dirty deed.

Comey describes Trump as having been obsessed with the portion dealing with prostitutes in the infamous dossier compiled by British former intelligence officer Christopher Steele, raising it at least four times with the Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

Washington national security lawyer Bradley Moss said Comey's claim to the moral high ground has always been weak.

When asked if he would still release the letter if he knew that doing so would help elect Donald Trump, Comey said, "I would".

Todd also asked Ryan if he agreed with Trump's description of Comey as a "slimeball". "I'm a flawed human being, but there is literally zero chance that my wife would think that was true".

As excerpts from Comey's memoir were released to press last week, Trump criticised Comey as a "LEAKER & LIAR" who "should be prosecuted". Yes, the reader might concur, especially if the writer quotes theologians like Reinhold Niebuhr as often as Comey does. "I hardly even knew this guy". It's lead headline is "PEE BRAIN!" - a reference to unconfirmed allegations in the dossier that Trump had watched prostitutes urinate on themselves in a Moscow hotel suite.

House Republicans have repeatedly threatened to hold Justice Department officials in contempt as they have sought more than a million pages in documents related to Democrat Hillary Clinton and the beginning of the department's Russian Federation investigation. Comey expressed concern about creating a narrative that the president was being investigated personally and that it was hard to prove something never happened.

Trump Slams Comey As 'Weak And Untruthful Slime Ball'