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United Nations rejects Russian call to condemn Syria strikes

15 Avril 2018

"It's.highly likely an attempt to create complications for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) mission which was just starting its work in Syria's Douma, or an attempt to completely derail it", Interfax quoted Kosachev as saying.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived at the White House hours after a Russian official said USA missiles headed toward Syria would be shot down and Trump responded with a tweeted taunt. Around 30 missiles were fired in the attack, and a third of them were shot down, the official said.

Moscow on Saturday strongly criticized the joint the USA, United Kingdom and France airstrikes targeting the Assad regime's alleged chemical weapons in Syria.

This image shows a medical worker giving toddlers oxygen through respirators following an alleged poison gas attack in the opposition-held town of Douma, in eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, Syria, Sunday, April 8, 2018. The latest Trump tweets illustrate the threat of wider war that could break out in Syria as the USA and its allies could come into direct confrontation with Russian Federation, a nuclear-armed power.

Zakharova called for de-escalating the situation, urging the West to carefully weigh the consequences before taking any action. She has said the use of chemical weapons "cannot go unchallenged". The allegations also come despite the fact that the Russian military traveled to the scene and found no evidence of a chemical attack, and that the initial report on the alleged incident came from the rebel-linked White Helmets.

Later, a White House briefing on a call between Trump and May said that they "continued their discussion of the need for a joint response to Syria's use of chemical weapons".

On Capitol Hill, Democrats grilled Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on the legality and constitutionality of Trump ordering an attack on Syria without explicit authorization from Congress. Mattis insisted it would be justified as an act of self-defense; he insisted he could not talk about military plans because an attack "is not yet in the offing".

Syrian President Bashar Assad says Western threats to strike his country after a suspected chemical attack are based on "lies" and seek to undermine his forces' recent advances near Damascus.

Meanwhile, Putin discussed the situation in Syria over the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who authorized a deadly missile attack against Syria's T-4 airfield in Homs province earlier this week. Their reach was demonstrated in February when an Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed amid Syrian antiaircraft fire.

However, the assumption that the Cook would strike Syria rather than a U.S. submarine firing Tomahawk missiles from a submerged position, can't be realistically relied upon.

The rouble shed 7 percent of its value against the US dollar in the latest week, taking a hit from the new round of USA sanctions that triggered a massive sell-off across Russian markets.

The S-400 long-range surface-to-air missile system provided by Russian Federation is the most advanced element of an air defense arrangement that also includes older S-300 systems and shorter-range SA-21 and SA-22.

The hotline runs from the vast US air command center in Qatar to Khmeimim Air Base in Syria where Russian Federation has commanders. Trump canceled a foreign trip in order to manage a crisis that is testing his vow to stand up to Assad.

"There are definitely chinks in the armor of Assad's air defenses", Heras said.

He added, however, that the USA would be unlikely to warn Russian Federation of the coming strike this time.

If the United States opts for a broader attack, it may choose to conduct initial precision strikes to debilitate ground air defenses.

A broader attack could also target command and control nodes, munitions storage sites, or Assad's helicopter fleet, which has been used to deliver barrel bombs and other munitions. On Tuesday, Macron said any French action would target Syria's chemical weapons abilities.

A source present at the taping told Axios that the "20/20" interview will "certainly add more meat to the charges swirling around Trump".

Top military officials, including Defense Secretary James Mattis, warned Trump during an afternoon meeting Thursday that he risks escalating USA involvement in Syria if he goes forward with the type of aggressive bombing campaign he has pushed over the past week, according to United States and Western officials briefed on the conversation.

Not for the first time during his presidency, Donald Trump appears to be in danger of reaching breaking point.

United Nations rejects Russian call to condemn Syria strikes