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Zuckerberg assures Congress that Facebook is not listening to users' conversations

15 Avril 2018

"If we find someone that improperly used data, we're going to ban them from our platform and tell everyone affected", he said.

"There is a problem that you can't actually own digital information, at least under Canadian law". It's not something that you have property rights to and it can't be stolen. He repeatedly told the committee that users have full control over who sees their information. Facebook will now approve, at its own end, all apps that require access to any user data such as posts, check-ins and more. Even before the Cambridge Analytica scandal hit the headlines, eMarketer, a market research company, estimated that Facebook will lose 2 million users ages 24 and younger this year.

When I saw the notice on my Facebook news feed, I felt a chill.

CNBC reports that both the London-based elections consultancy and Facebook are at the center of an ongoing dispute regarding the alleged harvesting and use of personal data.

Facebook will send you your complete profile, along with your timeline history, your messages including the ones from Facebook Messenger, your photos, videos and the Facebooks apps you use. "They make nearly all of their money selling advertisements". Facebook knows a fair amount about you. That's also what makes Facebook so bad: It knows everything about you. "Facebook has that information and they can present that ad for that goal". The app vacuumed up not just the data of the people who took it, but also - thanks to Facebook's loose restrictions - data from their friends, too, including details that they hadn't meant to share publicly.

"Most of what I found was not at all surprising", he said.

Despite the fact that Zuckerberg was out there mostly answering softball questions, and explaining how the internet works, investors thought his appearance showed reason to have more confidence in the company. It wasn't clear to me who they are and under what circumstances they got that information. In that respect, Facebook achieves its goal of connecting people, Milanesi said. "All along they said they don't sell personal information so it didn't make sense why they would fight this".

It's thought this would allow people to use the popular service without seeing adverts or worrying who might be gaining access to their personal data.

"I was part of a team that was handling data protection issues on the Facebook platform", he said, "like what happened with Cambridge Analytica".

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a combined Senate Judiciary and Commerce committee on April 10, 2018. All the subtle language that helps stay people stay searchable by friends ... the work we will likely have to do in China some day. When the Cambridge Analytica scandal first broke, angry users started deleting their accounts - and urging others to do the same. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some panelists used the free format comment section to point out that they will use Facebook to look at what people post without engaging with the content.

Zuckerberg assures Congress that Facebook is not listening to users' conversations