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Facebook collects the data of non-facebook users as well, Mark Zuckerberg

16 Avril 2018

That's the take from several leading digital political advertisers - including one Democrat and the other two Republican - who privately say they've already been finding and exploiting loopholes in Facebook's new privacy rules as they gear up for the United States midterm elections.

Cambridge Analytica, co-founded by former Trump adviser Stephen Bannon and billionaire Trump supporter and extreme right-wing ideologue Robert Mercer, claimed it could create "psycho-graphic profiles" of people based on their Facebook data. Fred Upton and Tim Walberg questioning the social media giant's screening policies Wednesday.

The applications that are run through Facebook may seem like harmless fun, but tens of thousands of apps are being investigated for data misuse, as reported by New Scientist.

Facebook disables apps from accessing your data that you haven't used in a while.

Ultimately, however, it is incumbent upon social media users to take some basic precautions to protect themselves and take personal cybersecurity more seriously.

"Some of our friends only get messages about Side X, and some of our friends only get messages about Side Y, and others only get messages about Side Z", he said.

"Any other social media platform will never compare to what Facebook is and the possibilities that Facebook has", said Kaleo Chang, a sophomore political science and strategic and corporate communications major. "We do not want to tax companies twice", he said.

"Of all the social media that are out there, Facebook and Instagram provide the most available targeting options", she said.

And behind Zuckerberg's Ivy League earnestness and soft-touch Silicon Valley idealism, is a ruthless capitalist who knows full well that wringing as much data as possible from his customers, and then using it to attract advertisers, is the core of his business. Luján even pushed for a disclosure that could negatively impact Facebook's ad revenue.

Nesbitt said he has not gotten a response from Facebook.

And this is where I'm reminded of the quote: "If you're not paying for it, you're not the customer, you're the product being sold".

Jakub Sarnecki owns an IT services company in Columbia called JS Computek LLC. "It certainly is scary, but you should think that hacking is bad, not Facebook". Many people, young and old, are inspired by what he's accomplished. They are just not games. But at the same time, it's up to him to ensure that dream doesn't become a privacy nightmare for the millions of Americans who use Facebook. In the meantime the company has released a tool users can use to check for themselves whether their information was passed on Cambridge Analytica. However, Facebook has responded that it has no plans to develop a method to allow non-users to see what type of data the company has collected about them. "But there's a lot of content flowing through the system, and unfortunately we don't always get these things right when people report it to us". Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., to notify users within 72 hours of any data breach. The people I've declined as friends (and when) were there too, and the names and dates of those whose requests I accepted and later removed (apologies to my high school classmates; it seemed a good idea to link up at the time, but after reflection, not so much). An ad-free Facebook.

Yes, it's true that Zuckberg has said, as he did in a CNN interview last month, that he's "actually. not sure we shouldn't be regulated". "If you believe that you want more privacy or some oversight of an organization like Facebook, which is really the principal social network for anybody over 25, then people should ask for that".

Zuckerberg's hearing came after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

A Time Magazine piece written by Dipayan Ghosh and Ben Scott on March 19 includes this statement: "There was already a debate raging about how targeted digital ads and messages from campaigns, partisan propagandists and even Russian agents were sowing outrage and division in the USA electorate".

Facebook collects the data of non-facebook users as well, Mark Zuckerberg