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If Trump draws red line, he enforces it: Nikki Haley warns Syria

16 Avril 2018

It was unclear whether Trump thought sarin had been used when he said on Twitter on Wednesday that U.S. missiles "will be coming" and accused Assad of being a "Gas Killing Animal".

Muzna Dureid, a Syrian who came to Montreal a year and a half ago, agrees that Friday's strikes don't go far enough in putting pressure on the Assad government.

Trump's declaration of "mission accomplished" had an awkward historic ring.

The building was central to Bashar Al-Assad's chemical weapons program. It is still unclear how effective the strikes will be against Syria's regime.

Syria released video of the wreckage of a bombed-out research lab, but also of Assad arriving at work as usual, with the caption "morning of resilience" and there were no immediate reports of casualties. On this target, 76 missiles - 57 U.S. Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMs) and 19 joint air-to-surface missiles - were used in the strikes.

The US and its allies France and Britain launched air strikes, targeting sites associated with Syria's chemical weapons capabilities.

"If anything, the opposite is true: By setting these red lines and devising very narrow punishments for violating them, we essentially communicate to the regime what our priorities are and also our threshold for risk and level of interest in the broader Syrian war", Itani said.

Despite describing the intervention as "successful", Britain's foreign minister said there were now no plans for further attacks.

"Assad won't collapse. They'll bomb for a day or two and then the regime will take it out on us", he said.

Haley said the "locked and loaded" for another missile strike if there is another chemical attack in Syria.

- The Russian embassy in the U.S. said it had warned that such actions would "not be left without consequences", adding that insulting President Vladimir Putin was "unacceptable and inadmissible". Russian Federation has vetoed at least six resolutions in the U.N. Security Council regarding chemical weapons.

"Last night, we obliterated the major research facility that it used to assemble weapons of mass murder", Haley told an emergency UN Security Council meeting on Syria here.

"The president does need to come to Congress", she said on NBC's Meet the Press. China too opposed the strikes.

They wish Trump had waited for inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Warfare to confirm chemical weapons were really used before he ordered the airstrikes on Syria.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Britain had a duty to show that Syria had not "got away with it" and it was standing up against Assad's "barbarism".

Trump and European leaders had spoken of intervention earlier this week after a suspected chemical weapons attack in the former rebel stronghold of Douma last weekend, killed around 85 civilians.

It's understandable that there are suggestions the strike was a diversion from Trump's mounting political and legal problems stemming from multiple investigations. From a distance, missiles hitting the suburbs sounded like thunder.

If Trump draws red line, he enforces it: Nikki Haley warns Syria