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Runners take part in 122nd Boston Marathon

16 Avril 2018

Desiree Linden became the first American woman since 1985 to win the Boston Marathon while Japan's Yuki Kawauchi captured his fourth men's marathon victory of the year on Monday.

Her first Boston was in 2006 when she ran for the Miracle for Miles Boston Children's Hospital charity team, finishing in 3:32:20, a Boston qualifying time. I'd have to say, 'Well, it's not because the Americans can't win, it's not because we're not capable.' Then you'd have to explain the whole drug (doping) scene, why Americans aren't winning.

She said that although she was a runner, she didn't always have the healthiest habits and, at age 36, she suffered a small stroke: "It was a big wake-up call", said Plante. "I've been active in the Dayton area running community since then".

Each year over 500,000 spectators watch the marathon from the sidelines as over 30,000 official entrants wind their way through eight cities and towns. Five races were run in the snow, most recently 1967. "It's storybook, so I'm thrilled to be here and to get it done".

"I didn't know that at the time", Dennis said. "I'll probably be updating my phone constantly to see how she's doing, keeping her pace, make sure nothing is going wrong". But knew immediately I was going to go back.

For this Marathon, Father Lerner said he is running for "The Hole in the Wall Gang" Camp, founded by Actor Paul Newman in the 1980s for children who are sick to let go and have fun. Many are wearing ponchos, extra layers of clothing and grocery bags wrapped around their sneakers to keep warm and dry before the race. "But the first part of the race is just a lot of fun".

Willa and Lisa came across two other travelers at the airport, Boston residents who were trying unsuccessfully to get back home. They've advised him to pace himself at the beginning and not to worry too much about the weather report. It would be awesome if I could break three hours. It's also a time to put myself in place with nature's program.

Diana Dearden, a 26-year-old runner from Wilmington, Delaware, says she feels challenged by the rain and is anxious the cold will lead to problems. With no phone to reach her husband, she started retracing her steps to where she saw Dennis last.

Friends and families of runners can follow their progress up to the minute with the BAA's live marathon tracker. Heather Monroe's husband, Jeremy, was badly injured in a motorcycle accident a year ago and while in the hospital, discovered that he also had brain cancer.

Runners take part in 122nd Boston Marathon