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Gulf Shores school board offers superintendent job to top candidate

17 Avril 2018

School board members were elected to make tough decisions as well as easy ones, and whether residents agree or disagree with what transpired on Monday, it's clear that all nine board members approached their duty regarding this project responsibly.

The board adopted another resolution supporting the school and college bond referendum appearing on the primary election ballot.

At a board meeting last week, Bierwirth said the budget process has been hard, with the team having to make adjustments to the district's 2017-18 budget so it would correspond with the proposed 2018-19 spending plan. He had been asked to examine incidents that had allegedly occurred between March 2017 and January 23.

Page also said a new school year could also bring new needs for the district. "We are pleased the investigator found there was no employment discrimination".

A public forum will be held tonight on the possible closure of two elementary schools in the Cortland City School District.

Born in Farmington and raised Hobbs and Odessa because of her father's occupation in the oilfield, McIlroy said she and her husband Marty have a deep and thorough understanding and love for New Mexico because they are products of the southeast.

Cornell School District was the only district in the state to be recognized as both a Title I High Achieving School and a Beating the Odds School.

Echoing Wood's point about making this a long-term solution for the district, school board member Bonnie Wolff said, "Short-sighted planning is going to cost the taxpayers more".

Current policies are outdated and need to be updated, said Board Member Sharma Parlett.

Teachers who are not in good standing can only have their contracts renewed for one year, the policy notes.

Rogers also hit on legislative advocacy and school finance.

Piper was a high school social studies teacher for eight years, sharing his time between Wayne High School in Huber Heights and Jonathan Alder High School. The next step is contract negotiations.

According to the report, Wick rejected Obeng's assertion that Wick did not deny Porter's accusation.

Bracken said the board was having a very healthy discussion.

"I've been thinking about that question myself", she said. "I didn't say that'".

"If we all have that attitude that as we go into a place and we leave it better than we found it, then public education is going to be OK", Andrews said. The two board members discussed procedures, policies and law. You must refresh the story or click on "newest" comments to keep up with the conversation.

"It (the proposal) is a big deal", said Martinez, who voted against the proposal. "We generate $10 million more, they send us $10 million less".

Goewey said she is also setting aside some money in the budget to make school safety improvements. "I am pleased to see the board is taking the issues of employment equity and discrimination seriously".

Gulf Shores school board offers superintendent job to top candidate